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Elizabeth Bock

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Liz Bock The Hole Story Claim Thieves drill holes under vehicle's door handle, break in, steal only one item, then use auto's GPS to locate car owner's home for future burglary. Status Mixture of true and false information Real Life Example Real Life Example Cont. A few days later the victim was reaching for the handle on his car and noticed a hole under it. A Chevy Avalanche was parked and the owner went to get lunch with coworkers. There was a sony digital cameralying on the console of the truck. A couple days later the camera seemed to be missing or just misplaced. The victim thought it was odd that the thieves did not take the new GPS He immediately called a mechanic and asked if there were any other similar cases. The mechanic explained thieves have a hole punch and place it right under the handle. Then knock a hole through reach in and unlock it, seeming as if they had a key. He asked why they did not take the GPS. The thieves look at the GPS to figure out where your home is and rob you when the car is not there. Origin The author of the piece is still unknown. The method of breaking into cars via hole punching is not what most thieves use, but it does and can happen. There was a case in 1999 that the car belonging to the mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was broken into using a hole punch method.
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