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Copy of STAR

No description

Rosario Gujis

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of STAR

Nominations will be received up to
November 14th
Because we BELIEVE in our Principles:
Never completely satisfied

A company of owners

How can you participate
And the nominees are... !!!
... Coming soon
We want to

those whose work...

Or You can be nominated by a client, a colleague or any GBS employee!



Why can you be
- Accomplished something others have not or Went beyond your task
- Accomplished the same quality with a simpler process or shorter deadline

- Demonstrated extra enthusiasm / Did not give up easily
- Displayed extra initiative

- Demonstrated unusual creativity / innovation
- Served notably in an important position or special project
If you...
- Performed the job with
efficiency or effectiveness

- Made recommendations that had positive impact
get yours!
Just fill the form and tell your Specialist!
You can Nominate someone...
All the nominees will be presented to the Management Board
Who will vote and choose the winner in their Monthly Meeting
All nominees and The winner will be communicated at the challenge meetings!
Each Specialist will consolidate their team's candidates and propose them to the macro-process Manager
La mesa, bah..!
don't get excited, I only thought they looked cool..
If you have nominated the winner, you will also be recognized!
If not, you will find the form attached.
Fill it and send it to your Specialist!
Have you already
nominated your STAR
You better hurry!
Who deserves the STAR of this month
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