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ID Presentation

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Allison Bidaisee

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of ID Presentation

e-Companies Registry
The Registrar General's Department - Ministry of Legal Affairs
E-Fiscal Incentives
E-Import Duty Concessions
E-Company Registration
E-Certificates of Origin
E-Permits and Licences
E-Work Permits
Data Protection Act
Electronics Transactions Act
No. 6 of 2011
No. 13 of 2011
Thank you!
compliments of the TTBizLink Team
Launch of e-services
E-Permits and Licences
Export Health Certificates for Meat and Poultry, Dairy and Dairy Products
Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries - Animal Production and Health Division
Coming Soon!
Name Search, Name Reservation, Registration of Business, Incorporation of Company
ttconnect ID
To access these e-services
Plant Permit, Animal Permit, Import Licence, Export Licence, Duty Relief Licence, Safeguard Certificate, Suspension Certificate
CARICOM, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Non-preferential Certificates
New, Extensions, Individual, Group
Exemption from Customs Duty
Exemption from Customs Duty, VAT & Withholding Tax
Registrar General's Office - Ministry of Legal Affairs and Attorney General's Office
Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Affairs, Ministry of Trade and Industry
ExporTT, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Work Permit Secretariat - Ministry of National Security
Investment Directorate - Ministry of Trade and Industry
Investment Directorate - Ministry of Trade and Industry
This service enables companies and individuals to submit applications for:

Building development approvals to Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA)
Plumbing approvals to WASA
Electricity Supply and Inspection to Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI)

These applications form an integral part of the process of obtaining a construction permit in Trinidad and Tobago.

Main benefits:

Submission of all designs and documents can be done online at anytime.
Receive stamped designs electronically
Receive notifications automatically when an application is processed.
Ability to address all queries online
Shipping Agents
Trade Licence Unit
Work Permit Secretariat
Customs and Excise Division
Companies Registry
Maritime Services Division
Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard
Port Administrations
Immigration Division
Ministry of Health
Plant Quarantine Division
E-National Insurance Board Registration
Ministry of Finance - National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago
Online application for employer (NI1) and employee (NI4) NIB numbers
7 days to 3 days
4 weeks to 1 day
1 day to 30 minutes
6 weeks to 2.5 weeks
6 weeks to 12 days
6 weeks to 11 days
E-Goods Declaration
Ministry of Finance - The Customs and Excise Division, Ministry of Health - Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries - Plant Quarantine Services, Ministry of Trade and Industry - Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards, Trade Licence Unit
Online endorsements by Regulatory Agencies for goods clearance
Ministry of Health - Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division
Export Health Certificates for Food and Beverage, Colombia - Food and Beverage, Fish and Fishery Products; Export Free Sale Certificates
E-Company/Partnership BIR and VAT Registration
Ministry of Finance - Inland Revenue Division
Online application for BIR File Number and VAT registration for Businesses and Companies
Business Process Re-engineering
Building Quality Service
... technology, people, processes
Video Tutorials
Online Manuals
Help Desk
800-4SEW (4739)
Business hours are Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and on Fridays from
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding public holidays.
What's Next?
US $25 Million Loan
To expand the SEW as follows:
Component 1 - Enhancing and Expanding Existing Services
Component 3 - Modernization of International Trade Framework and Implementation of the New Institutional Governance of TTBizLink
Component 2- Enhancing the Interoperability of TTBizLink
E-Maritime Service
Maritime Services Division - Ministry of Transport, Immigration Division, T&T Coast Guard, Ministry of Health, Port Administrations, Shipping Agents
E-Permits and Licences
Ministry of Health - Drug Inspectorate and Chemistry, Food and Drug Division's Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate
E-Goods Declaration
Online endorsements for the clearance of pesticides and toxic chemicals
Ministry of Health - Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Inspectorate
Online submission of Pre-arrival, Arrival and Departure Information to regulatory agencies
Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (WASA)
Online Applications for plumbing approval and building development
Online approvals required for trade in antibiotics, narcotics, pesticides and toxic chemicals
How TTBizLink Works
Registration takes place through ttconnect.
Once you are registered for TTBizLink, the process is simple ...
Awards and Recognition
Usage Statistics
applications processed
active user accounts
since February 2012.
Application Development
Infrastructure and Data
CrimsonLogic Pte, Singapore
Modelled after TradeNet
Secure, encrypted connection via HTTPS
Housed in the Government Data Centre
Tier 3 Certified Data Centre
ISO Certified
Access restriction to database and encrypted file storage
Redundant Infrastructure
Single Electronic Window (SEW) for Trade and Business Facilitation
Presentation by Mr Neshan Singh
SEW Specialist
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Current Projects
Strengthening of the Single Electronic Window

Component 1- Enhancing and Expanding the services of the SEW
Component 2- Enhancing the Interoperability of TTBizLink
Component 3- Modernization of International Trade Framework and Implementation of the New Institutional Governance of TTBizLink
FAL Convention
11. Where a written law requires information, a record or a data message to be presented in a specified non-electronic form, that requirement is satisfied if the information or record in electronic form or the data message—
a) contains substantially the same information; and
b) is accessible and retainable so as to be usable for subsequent reference

Where information, a record or a data message is provided in electronic form, a requirement under any written law for one or more copies of the information, record or data message to be provided to a single addressee at the same time is satisfied by providing a single copy in electronic form.

Electronic Transactions Act 2011
2.1.4 Recommended Practice
Public authorities should not require the lodgement of a separate General Declaration, Cargo Declaration, Crew List and Passenger List if the data elements contained in these documents are included in the pre-arrival information.

Simplifying and minimizing
Documentary Requirements
Procedures (Red Tape)
Recommended Practices
Standardized forms
Single Electronic Submission
National Facilitation Committee
FAL Convention
P&I 4 - International Maritime Declaration of Health
P&I 10 - Arrival Report
P&I 11 - Crew List
P&I 12 - Stowaways List
P&I 13 - Passenger List
P&I 15 - Notice of Expected Arrival
P&I 5 - Departure Report
P&I 16 - Notice of Approximate Time of Departure
International Maritime Organization IMO
National Maritime Transport Facilitation Committee (FAL Committee)
Information Overlap
e-Maritime Services Module
Mobile Inspection Application for Goods Declarations
Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards;
Plant Quarantine Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries;
Food and Drugs Inspectorate under the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health.

It eliminates the need for paper documents during inspections, and increases efficiency due to the instantaneous decisions being sent via mobile devices.’
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