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Pet Sematary


Willy Unger

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Pet Sematary

Novel AND Screenplay
written by Stephen King Directed by... Mary Lambert Starring... Daniel Midkiff as
Louis Creed Denise Crosby as
Rachel Creed Fred Gwyne as Jud Crandall But you may remember him as... FRANKENSTEIN 1983 1989 pLOTLINE The Creed family moves into a small town in Maine Louis Creed is a doctor at the local University Their neighbours, Jud (and Norma) Crandal live across the road from them Norma was excluded in the movie When the movers are moving stuff in,
Louis' daughter Ellie notices a path, this leads to the Pet Cematary It's mispelled on the sign as "Pet Sematary" DEATH Louis' first day on the job, Pascow is dead Ghost Jud and Louis explain Death as a natural thing They visit Pet Sematary Sleepwalking Church ^_^

Gets hit by a car Indian Burial Grounds Zombie Wendigo VROOOOM, BAM, SQUISH Gage is dead Louis goes INSANE Warnings Louis ignores them Gage is a zombie Jud dies Rachel Dies Father-in-law punchs Louis in the face
At the funeral Can't spell Funeral without "fun" Louis injects Gage with a lethal amount of morphine Louis goes and buries Rachel in the Burial ground Differences Almost no introduction in the movie
No Norma Crandall
Louis isn't really insane in the movie
Church is mean in the movie
Zombies aren't pricks in the movie THE END (Some Movie Clips First) Pg. 365 and Timmy Baterman
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