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Steve Irwin's Impact

No description

Dominique Myles

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Steve Irwin's Impact

Steve Irwin's Impact Steve Irwin died
on September 4, 2006 During filming a documentary called "The Ocean's Deadliest" near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef when he was killed by a Bull Stingray. Right before he died, Steve
Irwin discovered a new species of snapping turtle. It was named
Elseya irwini, in memory of him. Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi, will continue his legacy. Like anyone else, he
had critics too. When the zoo was still considered Beerwah Park, Steve met Terri Raines, an American businesswoman and conservationist while doing a Crocodile feeding demonstration. They married in 1992. Steve and Terri founded an international organization to advance wildlife conservation, education, and research called the Wildlife Warriors. In 1991 Steve took over the Beerwah Park. He expanded it and renamed it the Australia Zoo. It all began when he received
a python for his 6th birthday,
and named it Fred. In 1970, the Irwin family
moved to Queensland's
Sunshine Coast and founded
the Beerwah Reptile park By age 9 he caught his
first crocodile and was hooked. Steve Irwin's love for wildlife derived
from his parents Bob and Lyn, and he
started his conservation journey at a
very young age. He began accompanying his
father on trips into the Outback
to catch various lizards, poisonous
snakes, and crocodiles. Here, Steve Irwin also
participated in the Crocodile
Management Program. A
government sponsored
plan to reduce crocodile
hunting by capturing and
relocating the crocodiles
to different sanctuaries,
including their very own
Beerwah Park. The zoo expanded from 4 acres
to 16 acres with 550 animals
by the year 2000, and by 2007
it had expanded to 80 acres
with over 1,000 animals. It was the footage taken
of them two during their
honeymoon that started
"The Crocodile Hunter". In addition to donating to other organizations, the
Irwin's donated 1 million dollars every year to Wildlife Warriors. The barb penetrated his
heart and he died almost
instantaneously. Stingray
fatalities are rare, he was
only the 17th in the world. When Steve Died,
they were in the
process of making
a show together.
When he died, she
continued the show
for her father and
named it "Bindi the
Jungle Girl" His critics thought he was irresponsible, and was only concerned with entertainment. An incident that brought
an array of negativity
towards him was when
he fed a crocodile while
holding his son, an infant
at the time, in his arms
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