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No description

Jaci Howard

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Merchants

Merchants are simple peasants that sell or or trade their possessions. As a tradesmen/merchants either settle down at a manor or go from manor to manor.
Merchants craft items to trade at
manors.Merchants would craft items to
sell to people in the manor for gold or silver.Sometimes merchants would sell to peasants,surfs,monks,nuns,knights,
nobles,or even the king or queen!

Being a merchant can be very dangerous. When traveling to other manors you are able to get seiged by barbarians or other travelers with weapons. Sometimes merchants would get seiged by other people from other manors.
Merchants would form guilds to sell items as a group. The guild was inter local and international selling group. To join a merchant guild you and your parents have to aprove of you becoming a merchant.

Merchants would sell items that they have crafted or handmade. They would trade for other items or trade them for gold or silver.
If you see being a merchant can be very hard. Sometimes it can be amazing.
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