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Koushik Kothagal

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Interceptors

Understanding Struts 2 Interceptors Interceptors "Automatic" features of Struts 2 Param transfer to member variables
More... INTERCEPTORS! Who / what does this work? Remember this picture? We've been using interceptors all along! struts-default Where is the struts-default package defined? Three Concepts Cross-cutting concerns Tomcat Servlet Container Servlets Filters Struts 2 intercepts every request!
Struts 2 is a "cross-cutting concern"! Struts controller configured here! Tomcat Servlet Container Struts 2 "Automatic" features in Struts 2 are actually courtesy of Interceptors
We use interceptors by using the struts-default package
Interceptors help isolate common cross-cutting concerns from individual classes
In a servlet container, filters provide cross-cutting functionality
Since we configure Struts 2 framework itself as a filter, we use the help of Struts 2 framework to configure our "actual" cross-cutting concerns.
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