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Cardiovascular System

N4 Day 1 Review

Sarah Fry

on 22 October 2017

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Transcript of Cardiovascular System

Work Experience
Status Update
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How do you assess me? What do those techniques tell you about someone?

What lab & diagnostic tests do you use for assessment?
Flow pump
Life line
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Trippin' when I get caffeine
Throwin' clots
Beatin' to my own drum
Rhythmic dancing

Lives In
Thoracic Cavity
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Cardiac Output
Cardiovascular System

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What do you all think about Cardiac Output? I think its awesome, but some would disagree.

What are its components? What factors affect it?
What assessment findings do we have for CO?
How do cardiac drugs affect CO and its components?
Status Update
Shout out to my friend ANS!
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S3 & S4
S3 = KEN..tucky = SLOSH..ing in
S4 = teNNE...ssee = a STIFF... wall
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