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Resume Writing & Interviewing

No description

Career Services UMKC

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Resume Writing & Interviewing

Resume Writing and Interviewing
UMKC Career Services, Atterbury Student Success Center
First and last name, address, phone number and professional email address should be clearly displayed
Name should be the largest thing in the resume, but not too big
Tailor your resume by including an objective statement or summary of qualifications
Be sure to avoid first person pronouns (I/me/my)
Be specific, and be targeted!
Education should be near the top of your resume
Make sure to spell it correctly:
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Spell out your degree; there is no "s" in Bachelor
Optional inclusion of GPA if above a 3.0; some majors required (Accounting)
Include your expected graduation date- month and year
After your first year, eliminate high school information
Put your most relevant experience first, if you can group it together
Don't mix too many bold, italic and underline
Include coursework if applicable to the job you are applying for
Describe your experiences starting with a verb
Use past tense for past, present tense for present
Make unique sections for your experience
Don't over-do the bullet points
Experience, Experience, Experience
Describe your experiences well
Reverse chronological order
Whatever you have that makes you unique
Format matters! Be consistent!
Don't forget the finishing touches
PDF or resume paper
Tailor to employers
Update regularly
Be sure to upload your resume to
Roo Career Network!

Interviewing Skills
Be prepared
How to dress
4 types of questions
Following up
The 3 R's
Research yourself: What are your strengths and talents? How have you demonstrated those? What do you want from a job?
Research the job: How much does someone with that job make? What are the duties you would have? What education/qualifications do you need?
Research the company: What are their values? What are they known for? What makes them stand out?
Things NOT to do
Dress too casually
Wear ill-fitting clothes
Over-do makeup, cologne, jewelry, or fashion
Show too much skin
Things to do:
Dress for success
Business professional-- for all professional jobs!
Bring your unique look
Vague Questions
Tell me about yourself. What makes you the best candidate? Why should we hire you?
Don't: give too much personal information, disclose "protected status" information, ramble.
Do: give an overview of your qualifications, explain why you are passionate about the job, hit the highlights
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