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The Representation of the Virginia Plan

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Mark Hernandez

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Representation of the Virginia Plan

The Representation of the Virginia Plan
James Madison
Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.
~James Madison
Edmund Randolph
The initial task of the constitutional convention was to alter the Articles of Confederation, however the final product was a complete replacement of the Articles. The first given proposal, to change the Articles, was written by James Madison and presented by Edmund Randolph the governor of Virginia. This plan presented on May 29, 1787 and became known as the Virginia Plan.
When Edmund Randolph presented the altered version of the Articles of Confederation there were many changes made to enlarge the Articles. This was done to help the common defense, security of liberty and general welfare of the United States.
These Changes made to the articles consist of...
The legislature should consist of two branches a lower house elected by the people and an upper house elected by state legislatures.
A judicial branch with a national court system would be added to the federal government.
The executive branch would consist of a 3-man council chosen by the legislature, which got thrown out and it was turned into a one man presidency.

The Senate will be more likely to corrupt than the House of Representatives, and should therefore have less to do with money matters.'
In the Virginia Plan, Madison wanted the number of representatives able to be sent to congress based on the population of each state.
He wanted this because the southern states were larger and then could send more represetatives to get more votes on topics wanted in the south
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