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Clean Coal Technology

No description

Mitche Bastien

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Clean Coal Technology

Clean Coal Technology How does clean coal technology benefit the earth? Researchers have found a more advanced coal which burns safer with less ash and sulfur to protect the environment. They have also developed a way to trap harmful gases and reuse them in the process again. The reusable efficiency on the material is at 37.5%. Clean coal has the reactants, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur. These are also the products. Clean coal does not have a catalyst and the equation is not balanced. The equation needs to be balanced so it supports the Law of Conservation of Mass. I have found out that coal from power plants has created unsafe gases which penetrate into the world atmoshpere which contribute to the greenhouse effect. These gases are poisinous and destroy the environment. C2H7S2+O2==>CO2+H2O+SO2

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