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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

No description

Scott Locke

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of On The Sidewalk Bleeding

On The Sidewalk Bleeding
The Point of View
The point of view is third person omniscient because it describes all of Andy's feelings and describes what he sees. But, it does not use I, which tells us that is not in the first person. Since it tells us his feelings that means it is not third person objective.

The Theme
The theme of the story is its main idea. The theme of this story is that you should never judge someone by what they look like, how they dress, or their age. The police officer makes this mistake when he examines Andy. He sees Andy's jacket and instantly assumes the worst of the boy, even when Laura tries to convince him otherwise. The lesson here is that just because somebody might look like bad news, doesn't make them a terrible person.
The Setting
The setting of the story illustrates Andy lying on the sidewalk in the rain in a dark alley at 11:13pm. He is bleeding because a rival gang, the Guardians have stabbed him and left him for dead. He is thinking of Laura and is wondering wether he is dead or not.
Plot Outline
The Characters of the Story
The protagonist of the story is Andy, a young gang kid from the Royals gang. In the beginning of the story he gets stabed by a rival gang member. He is a flat, dynamic character because he only has a few traits and is undeveloped. He does go through a change because at the start he is just a gang kid and thinks of himself in that way, but at the end he changes and wants to be remembered as Andy and not a Royal. He takes off his Royal jacket to try to remove his memories of being one. In the story there are also many static and flat characters, which means that they are undevoloped and unchanged. Some examples are:
- The drunk man
- The two members of the Guardions that try to help Andy
-Laura, Andy's girlfriend
- The cop who examines Andy's dead body

This Outlines the Key Points of This visual essay
By Evan Hunter
Descriptive Plot Outline
The setting of story
The point of view of the story
The characters of the story
The Theme of the story
And the Symbols of the story
Andy, the protagonist, has just been stabbed and is laying bleeding on the sidewalk in a dark, rainy alley.
A man in a drunken stupor walks past Andy and threatens to call the cops on him
Two kids come around the corner and remind Andy of his girlfriend Laura. They try to help him but don't because they are from the rival gang of Andy's gang
Andy decides to take of his Royals jacket to make himself Andy, not a gang kid
Laura comes back from dancing and sees her boyfriend dead on the street.
The cop comes to examine Andy, sees his jacket and calls him a Royal in disgust.
There are a few smaller minor symbols within the story, but the big main one is Andy's jacket. It symbolizes him as a Royal and a delinquent but when Andy takes it off, he shows his dying wish to change from a gang kid to a regular boy.
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