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Criminal Minds

No description

Rachel Collinsworth

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
Traits of a Killer
Antisocial Behavior
serial killers often have a strong tendency towards anti-social behavior as a child that grows when developing into an adult
Torturing or fantasizing about torturing animals
Almost all serial killers admitted to starting by acting out violent fantasies on animals. They crave the need to perfect their crimes before moving onto humans
Poor family life
The serial killer's family often have criminal, psychiatric, and alcoholic histories. The killers hate both their fathers and mothers. The father abandons the child and the child is controlled by domineering mothers. The father often becomes the killer's first victim.
Childhood Abuse
Psychological- Emotional abuse and neglect have been the leading causes for becoming serial killers. They were often humiliated by peers or their authority figures, which forces the child to view this treatment as normal and become desensitized.
Examples of Serial Killers
In Real Life
Ted Bundy
John Wayne Gacy
Jack the Ripper
The Zodiac Killer
Jeffrey Dahmer
Pop Culture
Crime and Punishment

throughout the novel, Raskolnikov expresses many traits of a serial killer
Dostoevsky could have written this to express justice that every crime has a punishment
punishments are often given by the criminal himself
every serial killer believes he is killing for the greater good, which is what Raskolnikov was trying to get across
Let's Play A Game...
By Rachel Collinsworth, Grace Jelkin, Janee Marinelli, and Stephanie Ray
The game of murderer is similar to the game Mafia.

-The Murderer
-The Best Friend
-The Detectives
-The Jury
-The Townspeople
There is one murderer in the game and every "night" they kill five people. The goal for the murderer is to stay unknown until everyone is dead.
The best friend is the only person that knows who the murderer is. He/she helps the murderer in sticky situations such as defending them against the detectives. Anyone can defend their friend though if they are accused of the murders so that it is not obvious who the best friend and murderer are.
Childhood Abuse Continued
Physical and Sexual- The killers often are physically abused that led them to develop a violent personality. As children, the child is abused sexually often by family members or witness acts of sexual abuse that create scaring memories. These sexual memories create the most damaging effects that cause the killers to often act out their pain.
Any persistent bed-wetting beyond the age of 7 is demeaning to children, especially if teased by peers or family members. The child's frustration is often acted out on animals or through setting fires. It has been known that many killers don't stop bed-wetting until the age of 12
Growing up isolated and lonely
Families of serial killers are very unstable and often move around a lot. Growing up in these unstable relationships lead the the killer themselves unable to create proper relationships and grow up as loners.
There are four detectives (like in a police/BAU unit) who agree on one person to accuse of murder each round. The jury(us) will then decide if the evidence is enough to convict.
Spend times in institutions as children and show early psychiatric problems
High rates of suicide attempts
Fascinated with fire starting (arson)
Many serial killers start out as arsonists. The crime of arson is psychologically appealing because it involves manipulating power and control, which serial killing also offers
Fantasize about holding control
Most serial killers crave the feeling of being in control and the murders allow them to predict what is going to happen.
Had head injuries as children
Any severe head trauma as a child has been known to lead to violent and aggressive personalities.
Often single or divorced
The Zodiac Killer
Substance abuse
As children, they are growing up in a home where substance abuse is highly evident can be damaging to a child. This substance abuse environment leads to ADHD, attachment disorders, doubt and feelings of inadequacy, depression, and behavioral problems starting at a low age.
Many serial killers have high IQ's in the "bright normal" range. Organized serial killers who kill methodically have a IQ of around 113, while disorganized killers have a IQ of 93
Many serial killers have trouble keeping jobs or work in unskilled labor. They often do poorly in school and drop out before completing.
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jack the Ripper
The Joker
Ted Bundy
Basic Facts
According to the FBI, there are 35-50 active serial killers in the U.S at any given time.
Over 90% of serial killers are male
More than 60% of serial killers wet their beds beyond the age of 12
Most of the serial killer's partners are completely clueless to the killings
Most are white males between the ages of 20-35.
The United States is the top country with the most known serial killers
Organized Killer
Disorganized Killer
Criminal Psyche
Organized vs Disorganized
Do you believe Raskolnikov is a organized or disorganized killer? Why?
105-120 IQ
Socially adequate
Stable father figure
Married or frequently dating
Harsh physical abuse
Geographically/ Occupationally mobile
Follows the news
Possibly College Educated
Good hygiene/ housekeeping skills
Does not have a hiding place at home
Returns to crime scene to see police work
Contacts police to play game
Kills in one place, disposes in another
Uses seduction to restrain
Conversation with victims
Leaves a controlled crime scene with little evidence
80-95 IQ
Socially inadequate
Lives alone/ does not date
Absent or abusive father
Inconsistent emotional abuse in family
Lives/works near crime scene
Possibly a school dropout
Keeps a hiding place at home
Returns to scene to live out murder
Kills and leaves corpse at crime scene
Attacks in "blitz" pattern
Depersonalizes victims
Leaves a chaotic crime scene
Ted Bundy
John Wayne Gacy
Jack the Ripper
Zodiac Killer
Jeffrey Dahmer
By Fyodor Dostoevsky
" A mind can be evil without being abnormal" -Dennis Nilsen
Because of their psychopathic nature, most are unable to feel sympathy for others. Instead, they fake their emotions by mimicking others.
They hold a gene where they are unable to control their earnings to kill repetitively
A psychopath is only capable of sadomasochistic relationships based on power. They identify with aggressive role model and attack the vulnerable.
When killings, the killers seem to go into a trace where they seek idealized victims in order to shame, humiliate, and destroy them.
To take away any guilt they may begin to feel, they fabricate an alter ego to pin the guilt on another
Serial Killers have been known to have higher traces of toxic levels (manganese, lead, cadmium, and copper)
Definition of Serial Murder
The FBI classify serial murder as
A minimum of 2 to 4 killings, with most having a cooling off period
The killer is usually a stranger to the victim- murders appear random
Murders reflect a need to take control of the situation or the victim
Murder is rarely for profit, but strictly psychological
The victim may have symbolic value for the killer
Killer often chooses people who are vulnerable
"The incidence of psychosis among murderers is no greater than the incidence of psychosis in the total population," - Donald Lunde
Psychopaths have a greater fear threshold and are less likely to respond to fear-inducing stimuli
Killers create fantasies due to their isolation, which in turn only allows the killers to feel happy when killing. Eventually, they will come to a time where they need to live out the violent fantasies. They'll dwell on the murder and drift into a trace-like state days before the murder
Due to most having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they find the need to show off their work and brag about the crimes they have done
Some serial killers have stressors, which are events that trigger them into action.
examples: conflicts with females or males, parental conflict, financial stress, marital problems, birth of a child, physical injury, or flashback
If the murder attracts media attention and catalyzes both public fear and fascination, it will reinforce the psychopathic's concept of self as larger than life. " - Dr. Meloy
The serial killer will possibly become a legend in their own mind and causes them to consider as their sole reason for fame.
"He was so immersed in himself and had isolated himself so much from everyone that he was afraid not only of meeting his landlady but of meeting anyone at all." (3)
signs of isolation are apparent early in the novel
charged and convicted of aggravated kidnapping, attempted murder, burglary, and murder
considered handsome and charismatic by his victims, which made it easier to gain their trust
approached them in public areas, faking injuries or impersonating people so that he could lead his victims to a secluded area
often came back to the crime scene days after the murder and performed sexual interactions with the bodies until they were completely destroyed by wild animals
he confessed to 30 homicides shortly before his execution but the number of murders he committed could easily have been higher
"...despite all filthiness of the situation, it was with pleasure that he now went on sitting in the tavern." (11)
Raskolnikov found comfort in the bar. Here in the book, he is showing early signs of substance abuse much like many other serial killers
Raskolnikov had dreams of beating a horse to death. (56-58)
foreshadows the murder of the landlady and his deep desires to relieve his fantasies on a human
"His whole was as if broken; his soul was dark and troubled....'but can it be, can it be that I will really take an axe and hit her on the head and smash her skull..." (59).
Serial Killer Cycle
"And did you notice that he's indifferent to everything, doesn't respond to anything, except for one point that drives him wild:this murder..." (153)
Raskolnikov's friends are discussing how the murder seems to cause him some emotional stress and that he becomes uneasy
Raskolnikov admits to Zamyotov that he murdered his debt collector (165)
Murderers often brag about what they have done
"And what if it was I who killed the old woman and Lizaveta?" (165)
"Where from? And where did the new clothes come from? You know i didn't have a kopeck! I bet you've already questioned the landlady, eh?"
The Aura Phase- the killer begins to lose grip on reality and is stuck in a fantasy-like state of mind
The Trolling Phase- the killer begins his search for his victim
The Wooing Phase- the killer begins to lure in his victim
The Capture Phase- the victim is entrapped
The Murder or Totem Phase- the killer is experiencing his emotional high and relieves the deaths
The Depression Phase- Occurs after the killing and pushes the killer to begin the cycle all over again.
one of the most infamous serial killers of all time
there were 5 definite victims, all of which were brutally attacked, but other women also were suspected as being his victims
his identity was unknown, but recently, a shawl of one of the victims was analyzed for DNA and the murderer finally got a name, Aaron Kosminski of Poland
he messily slashed open bodies and took out organs, usually different ones each time
this letter was supposedly written by Jack the Ripper as believed by the FBI and other crime labs
Dear Boss
I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they wont fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track. That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits. I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled. Grand work the last job was. I gave the lady no time to squeal. How can they catch me now. I love my work and want to start again. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. I saved some of the proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and I cant use it. Red ink is fit enough I hope ha. ha. The next job I do I shall clip the ladys ears off and send to the police officers just for jolly wouldn’t you. Keep this letter back till I do a bit more work, then give it out straight. My knife’s so nice and sharp I want to get to work right away if I get a chance. Good luck.
Yours truly
Jack the Ripper
happy child until age 6 when he had a minor surgery as well as the birth of a younger brother that same year
lacked self confidence at an early age
was educated at The Ohio State University, but dropped out after one term due to alcohol abuse/drinking problems. he was then discharged from the army for alcohol abuse
went on a 13 year killing spree resulting in 17 deaths and many molestations
he would have sex with the corpses and then dismember their bodies, storing body parts in his home as souvenirs.
plead guilty by insanity but was found guilty but sane on all counts
sentenced to 937 years in prison, but was killed by his inmates
7 victims that are positively identified as his (though he claimed to have 37 more), 2 of which survived
murders took place in northern California during the 1960s and 1970s
identity is still unknown
sent out letters and 4 cryptograms to local press but only one was deciphered
targeted couples, his first victims were on their first date at a popular lovers' lane, the next victims were also on a date when the Zodiac Killer came up to the car and fired five times
What was the point of playing this game?
Serial killers tend to follow a set of traits that prompts them to kill, or identifies them as a murderer.

Knowing this and looking back on the game, was it easy to tell who the murderer was?
Was known to hiding 33 bodies in the crawl space under his house, rooms in his house, trenches, and in a river
Enjoyed an unremarkable childhood until a head trauma that happened when he fell off a playground. The head injury led to blackouts until the age of 16
He began to help out in the community and dress up as a clown to help sick children or for bithday parties
After his second divorce, he admitted that the killings were at times unable to be stopped with him murdering up to 3 children in one day
He invited the boys back to his home by claiming he would show them a magic trick, there he would handcuff them and act out his fantasies
There have been only one known survivor of Gacy's attacks, which led to a deeper investigation
On March 13, 1980, he was sentenced to death and incarcerated on death row on May 10, 1994.
In prison, he took up oil paintings. His most known pieces were of clowns
Dexter is a fictional serial killer who preys on other killers, also known as a vigilante.
By day, he was a forensic blood splatter analyst with the Miami Metro Police Department
Dexter can be classified as a organized serial killer because he dismembers the bodies and empties them into the Gulf Stream.
Dexter has been estimated to killing over 100 people, of which he has a blood slide as a trophy. There were 46 slides in the first box and 43 slides in the second, but the slides not counted for in season 7 or 8 accumulate into about 130 deaths
He suffered from Schizoid Personality Disorder , which is shown every time he considers himself emotionally separated and proclaims that he fakes emotions
His need to kill is steamed from him and his brother watching their mother brutally killed
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