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Dream Weaver Reflection By : Adam Yaafar

No description

Adam Yaafar

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Dream Weaver Reflection By : Adam Yaafar

Before Starting
Before starting using Dreamweaver I was an amateur, I didn't know how to use the tools but I was really interesting, it was fun, unlike typing HTML.
After Finishing
After finishing the lesson with Dreamweaver I understood how to use the tools really well, I actually felt like a pro in Dreamweaver but then I realized how it was.
I had difficulties although I felt like a pro in this unit, with the tools and building tables, that was one of my difficulties that I needed a lot of hep with.
I had many solutions for my difficulties and of course they were to ask my friends and teacher for help, but I understood most of the things they answered.
For my website, I decided to do it about a fake zoo I built and that it was in United Arab Emirates just to make it a little more fun. I talked about "my animals"m in the "my zoo."
This program might be useful for helping people, like someone asks me a question about dream weaver I would answer their question and if some how I would need this in life I would you it easily thanks to this unit.
Main Criteria
For me the main criteria was to make a website and learn how to design it without typing the code instead the code appears alone.
Everyday I though what my website will be about so I thought about the website I did before and it was about animals, so I would do this one about animals too but instead in a zoo.
Dream Weaver Reflection
By: Adam Yaafar
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