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Open Source

No description

Vincent Keunen

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Open Source

Vincent Keunen
Manex CEO, Lampiris CIO
about.me/vincent.keunen Open Source - Definition
Source code - software
Source - the origin, recipe
"Gratis" or "Libre"
FLOSS Electronics
OpenSPARC, openmoko phones,...
Health and medicine
open-source genomics,
cancer research...
Digital content, information
23M articles, 100k active contributors, 365M readers, 285 languages
Project Gutenberg
Public domain, open formats, since 1971, 40k books At Jay Bradner's lab, they found a molecule that might hold the answer, JQ1 -- and instead of patenting JQ1, they published their findings and mailed samples to 40 other labs to work on. An inspiring look at the open-source future of medical research. How does cancer
know it's cancer? BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution, 1988
GPL - GNU/General Public licence, 1989
... and dozens of others Licences... Free Software Foundation
1985, R. Stallman, GNU fame Open Source Initiative
1998, B. Perens & E. Raymond,
Netscape fame Commercial friendly or not
Virulent or not Tim O'Reilly and Richard Stallman Examples Linux
Linus Torvalds (Linus Unix)
Since 1991
for Intel x86 initially
now on dozens of hardware
Top 10 super computers, 90% of top 500
PCs, tablets, routers, TV, mobile phones (Android!), embedded
60% of all web servers Examples Apache, 60% of all web servers
Internet plumbing !
Mail, DNS, routers, proxy, DHCP, FTP, LDAP, NTP, SSH, Telnet...
Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice / LibreOffice, GIMP, P2P, VLC...
ERP (OpenBravo, OpenERP, Compiere...)
CRM (SugarCRM, vTiger...)
VM Xen, BI tools, VoIP Asterisk, EHR, Education
Big Data, NoSQL,... OS Middleware Desktop Enterprise Everything Innovation Open source for development Languages and ecosystems
Java, Python, PHP, Ruby,...
Thousands of libraries, frameworks...
IDE, application servers...
Apache, Tigris, OW2, Sourceforge, RedHat, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, Eclipse...
Saving many man years !... How is this possible?... Highly psychological / human
I am good, meritocracy
World power
Part of community
Do good to the world
Against commercial

But also
Financed by public sector (Uni, INRIA, CERN...)
Financed by large institution (France Telecom...)
Good marketing for IT companies (Sun, IBM...)
The attraction of free (for product companies)
Licenses vs services Conclusion: Open Source
a real paradigm shift
embrace it !
the world changes faster...

Thank you ... questions ?
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