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Ancient Greek Culture and Religion

No description

Amy Luken

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Culture and Religion

Greek Culture and Religion
Section II. Philosophy

1. Philosophers believed that people could use the mind and reason to understand natural events. The were careful observers and good thinkers.

2. Philosophers:
a. Socrates

Click here to find out more about him and add information to your notes
b. Plato – a student of Socrates
c. Aristotle – a student of Plato. Tutored Alexander the Great.

2. Architecture -
What is an acropolis?
What is the Parthenon?

Click here to find out more about these terms and define them in your notes

Section I. Visual & Dramatic Arts

1. The Ancient Greeks devoted great attention to their arts and culture. They are famous for:

Title: Greek Culture and Religion

5. Myths –
Use the 1st paragraph of the link to sum up a definition for myth.

1. Major gods and goddesses called the 12 Olympians. Said to live on top of Mt. Olympus.
2. Greeks honored the gods to receive rewards and tried to avoid angering the gods for fear of punishment.
3. Greeks built temples to worship the gods in.
4. Gods were immortal and could live forever.

Section III. Ancient Greek Religious Beliefs

3. Theater
Athenians were the first people to write plays between 600 and 400 B.C. This period was called Athens’ Golden Age.

Click here to find out more about Greek plays to add to your notes

Use this presentation to take notes on the culture and religion of Ancient Greece
a. What were theaters like in ancient Greece?
b. Who were allowed to act in plays?
c. Define comedy.
d. Define tragedy.
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