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Multiple Intelligences

Explains the different intelligences and gives examples of each.

Duane Jourdeans

on 31 October 2011

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences Kinesthetic - Body Smart Linguistic - Word Smart Logical - Number Smart Interpersonal - People Smart Intrapersonal - Self Smart Musical - Music Smart Visual/Spatial - Picture Smart Naturalistic - Nature Smart some people are better at understanding some things than others our ability to understand the world around us is complex You enjoy sports and are good at swimming, athletics, gymnastics and other sports. You enjoy reading, writing and talking about things You are good at mathematics and other number activities; you are also good at solving problems. You like to communicate/interact with others. You may belong to lots of clubs, like team games, and enjoy sharing with others. You will know about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. You probably keep a diary. You enjoy music and can recognize sounds, and timbre, or the quality of a tone. You are good at art and other activities where you use/look at pictures. Map-reading, finding your way out of mazes and graphs are enjoyable. You like the world of plants and animals and enjoy learning about them. What intelligence/s do you have? There are 8 intelligences.
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