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ME!!! xD

all about me, and my random bloopers xD

Hayden jim

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of ME!!! xD

Hiyas, if your reading this your either Mrs "B", a stalker or a dedicated fan of mine First off my full name is Hayden Jim to start, letting you know now im very accident prone and fails is pretty much my middle name im 14 as of now and will be going on 15 in roughly 4 months, that also means i was born in august on the 29th im an only child and love being one. i live with my mom and dad and my cousin who's staying with us Music is the thing that pretty much drives me everyday, from waking from an alarm to listening to it during boring classes and when i head to bed im on the "i listen to everything" list of people, especially RnB, indie and really happy music. so everything except for rap great facts about me
i have a short attention span
i like playing with weapons
if i need too, i can get on your nerve
im very easily ticked off
if you feed me sugar you run =D
if i get too stressed i will randomly attack people, no worries nothing more then minor concussions and partially cracked bones
i need meat on the daily basis or i will eat my friends =)
im not a very heavy gamer, although i do still play pokemon and maplestory from time to time, a quote from a friend (sherry) "i don't wanna kill that snail its too cute, 2 seconds later i died" i've coverded pretty much all i am so the only thing left is PICTURES me, im on the right i like funny dogs me from like 2 years ago ( i dare you too find me) astronomy yay my room well thats it, if i told you anymore about me you would officially be a stalker ~byebye~ what else i LOVE
hanging out
being me =D
random stuff
and i could go on on for days but no time im a really REALLY big canine fan, and i'd like to have a dog, cept my mom is alergic T_T things i fail at doing on the daily basis
practically EVERY sport, give or take one or two
finding my way

AM I RELIGIOUS? HECK no.....but that dousnt mean im not interested in the gods and spirits and things yes im very supersticious things i absolutely LOATHE (we're canadian we can't hate)
painstakingly long projects
people who cant take a hint
people who hurt my friends
people who hurt me
people in general.......no wait thats a lie
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