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aaish's family tree

No description

cheryl manley

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of aaish's family tree

Tracing my heritage
Aaish ch.
born in canada
aaish's family tree
Irfan yasin
father- born in pakstan
Kiran latif
mother- born in
Fakhara ch.
-born in pakistan

Chaudhry latif
-born in india
Nasim ch.
-born in india
chaudhry yasin
-born in india
ch. Allah Dita
great grandfather
-born in india
Miraj bibi
great grandmother
-born in india
Abdul qadir
great grandfather
-born in india
Anayat bibi
great grandmother
-born in india
who were/are my ancestors?
My ancestors are my mom and dad.
where did they originate from?
They originated from Pakistan.
why did they leave their country?
They left their country because they
wanted to have a better opportunity.
why did they choose Canada?
They chose Canada because it's peaceful
here in Canada.
where did they settle in Canada? why?
They settled in Ontario because
it is one urban settlements in Canada.
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