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An Episode of War

No description

Logan Mongold

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of An Episode of War

An Episode Of War By Stephen Crane A lieutenant gets injured in battle and refuses help. When doctors promise not to amputate his arm and he agrees. Then they do amputate his arm and his family becomes grief stricken over his missing arm. Potentates One who leads a group or endeavor. Tumultuous Excited confused or disorderly. Aggregation To amount to; total. Gesticulating To make gestures especially while speaking, as for emphasis. Exposition A lieutenant is dividing up coffee rations when he is
shot in the arm by a stray bullet. Rising Action The lieutenant stood staring into the woods
the other soldiers stood by him. The silence
was broken by the sound of a horse-drawn
artillery headed off to battle. Climax The artillery headed of to battle, crashing past
the lieutenant, bringing him to a pause, following the artillery came a group of men headed away from the field hospital. These men gave the lieutenant directions and carried on, promptly leaving the battle. Falling Action The lieutenant made his way to the field hospital,
there he found a large grouping of men, talking and
aiding to fellow soldiers in need. A man quickly came to him, the lieutenant stood there helpless as the man poorly bandaged his arm. Resolution A surgeon quickly rushed to him, seeing the poorly bandaged wound. He assured the lieutenant his arm would not need amputation, however he lied. The lieutenant returned to his family, where they mourned over the loss of his arm. Conflicts
- Lieutenant is shot in the arm ( Man vs
- Lieutenant has his arm amputated by a doctor who promises not to. (Man vs Man) Narrative Point of View (Omniscient) The story is told through the perspective of a narrator, as they follow the lieutenant's actions. Character List The Lieutenant - Intelligent and Quiet (Protagonist)
The Surgeon - Impatient, but friendly (Antagonist)
Theme The theme of "An Episode of War" is war itself,
and how war doesn't discern between soldiers and innocent people. ( A man was shot while dividing coffee rations, rather then because he was fighting.) Setting The story takes place during the Civil War. Thronging Flock or be present in great numbers. Tone The feeling conveyed by "An Episode of War" was depressing, and solemn as most of the story entailed blank, emotionless starring.
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