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Dunkin' Donuts

No description

Erica Burkhart

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts Successful Social Media Campaigns
# HolliDDayContest - Twitter and Instagram
The Top of the WorlDD- Facebook
The Flavor-Full HoliDDay - Twitter
Fan Of the Week - Facebook
Mom's heart donut - Twitter
The K-Kup Packs KountDDown - website
#PirateDDay - Twitter
DDRocks- Website
Create Dunkin's Next Donut - website
What are you drinkin' at Dunkin'? - Facebook
#DunkinMugup- Instagram
#DresseDD - instagram

1950 Founded by Bill Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts
1955 First franchise licensed
1963 the 100th Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant opens
1970 the first overseas restaurant opens in Japan
1978 the first commercial airs on network TV
1979 the 1,000th U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts opens
1980 the World’s Largest Dunkin’ Donuts opens in Bangkok, Thailand with seating for 130
1992 the 3,000th U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts opens
2000 Dunkin’ Donuts celebrates its 50th year the 5,000 restaurants worldwide
2006 the popular AMERICA RUNS ON DUNKIN campaign launches
2009 BrandWeek Magazine names Dunkin’ Donuts Marketer of the Year
2010 Dunkin’ Donuts turns 60; first ever Times Square Billboard and plan to open in Russia
2011 the 10,000th worldwide restaurant opens in Xi’An, China

Refuel Your Charity with Dunkin Donuts
powered by
#DD Refuel
#DDRefuel Campaign Snapshot
Annual campaign, runs for entire calendar year
Race contact enters race online with DD locations within 25 miles of race
All entrants given e-card at time of registration to use on race day
E-card sent to e-mail
E-mail sent to registrants contains option to link e-card with existing DD loyalty card or create loyalty account and link e-card with it or send e-card code to mobile phone
Participants receive option to download exclusive Runner's World training plans and tips when e-card is sent to them (opt in/opt out)
After race, participants go to DD locations registered with race and make any purchase
Show e-card on mobile device or use code given via text messaging
Participants take photo of themselves in race day outfit with DD treat and post to Twitter
Every week an individual who posts in campaign is chosen to receive a freebee from Dunkin Donuts and/or Runner's World
Race with most posts wins $10,000, $5,000 or $1,000 for charity race benefits
Race Entry Categories & Tiers
All 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon races that benefit a non-profit and are within 25 miles of a DD location are eligible
5 different entry tiers for each race category
0 - 1,000 entrants
1,001 - 5,000 entrants
5,001 - 10,000 entrants
10,000 - 20,000 entrants
20,000+ entrants
#DDRefuel Awards
Grand Prize, 1st Prize Winner, and 2nd Prize Winner will be awarded to each tier in each race category
Grand Prize
$10,000 to charity race benefits
Featured 6 page spread in Runner's World Magazine
1st Prize Winner
$5,000 to charity race benefits
2 page feature article in Runner's World Magazine
2nd Prize Winner
1 page feature article in Runner's World Magazine
How to Enter: Race Directors
Register your race online on DD website
Location of race (city, state, zip)
Race contact information
Expected number of entrants (based on previous year' race if applicable)
Must allow DD to obtain registrant contact information to send e-card for redemption
Must integrate awareness of campaign on race registration site and promote on race website
Must provide official number of entrants within one week after race
Must have a race Twitter page
How to Enter: Participants
Go to DD within 25 miles of race on race day
Order anything on the menu
Present e-card at time of purchase
Open DD App on mobile phone
Take picture of you in your race day clothes with your DD treat using integrated camera
Edit photo by adding special DD frames to your picture
Tag your race twitter page
Include something awesome about your race experience
Post on app goes to Twitter, DD website, and DD Facebook event page
One entry per person, per race
Retweets and favorites will not be counted
Duplicate entries will not be counted
Must present e-card (on mobile device or code sent via text) at time of purchase
Participant Eligibility
Current Digital Marketing Strategy
Campaign by the Numbers: Marathon
850 total marathons x 20% = 170 total marathon participation
487,000 finishers x 20% = 97,400 people who can participate in campaign
97,400 x .05 = 4,870 people participate in the campaign
Average customer transaction at DD is $5.53 (uscollegesearch.org)
$5.53 x 4,870 = $26,931
$10,000 + $5,000 + $1,000 = $16,000 x 5 tiers = $80,000
$26,931 - $80,000 =
profit from marathon campaign

Campaign by the Numbers:
Refuel Your Charity with Dunkin Donuts

powered by
Campaign by the Numbers: Half Marathon
1,900 half marathons x 20% = 380 total half marathon participation
1,850,000 finishers x 20% = 370,000 people who can participate in campaign
370,000 people who can participate in campaign x 5% = 18,500
Average customer transaction at DD is $5.53 - uscollegesearch.org
$5.53 x 18,500 = $102,305
$10,000 + $5,000 + $1,000 = $16,000 x 5 tiers =$80,000
$102,305 - $80,000 =
profit from half marathon campaign

Campaign by the Numbers: 10k
3,200 10ks x 20% = 640 total 10K participation
1,470,000 x 20% = 294,000 people who can participate in campaign
294,000 x 5% = 14,700
Average customer transaction at DD is $5.53 - uscollegesearch.org
$5.53 x 14,700 = $81,291
$10,000 + $5,000 + $1,000 = $16,000 x 5 tiers = $80,000
$81,291 - $80,000 =
profit from 10K campaign

Campaign by the Numbers: 5k
15,000 x 20% = 3,000 total 5K participation
6,200,000 x 20% = 1,240,400 people who can participate in campaign
1,240,400 x 5% = 62,000
Average customer transaction at DD is $5.53 - uscollegesearch.org
$5.53 x 62,000 = $342,860
$10,000 + $5,000 + $1,000 = $16,000 x 5 tiers = $80,000
$342,860 - $80,000 =
profit from 5K campaign

Campaign by the Numbers: 2 Year Outlook
Year 1
-$53,069 + $22,305 + $1,291 + $211,818 =
Year 2
2% increase of total number of finishers (based off percent change between 2011 – 2012)
Total finishers = 10,207,140
10,207,140 x 20% = 2,041,428 people eligible to participate in campaign
2,041,428 x .05 = 102,071 people actually participate in campaign
$5.53 x 102,071 =
2 Year Profit = $288,483 + $564,455 =

Headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts
World’s leading baked goods and coffee chain
Serves more than 5 million customers per day
Sells an array of bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and other baked goods including 70 varieties of donuts
Subsidiary of Dunkin’ Brands (Baskin Robbins under umbrella)
15,000 restaurants; 37 different countries
Revenues: 5.5 billion USD (2008)
Half the company's business is in coffee sales
Over 15,000 ways to make your coffee
Corporate Overview
About Dunkin' Donuts
Engineers and Scientists from Carnegie Mellon
15,999 people who said they “love” Starbucks coffee
10,020 people who said they “love” Dunkin Donuts coffee
161 consumer profile traits
Key competitors
Starbucks, McDonald's, Tim Horton's
Competitive Advantage
User friendly
"Every man's coffee"
Food offerings
Dunkin' Donuts: 43%
Starbucks: 12%
Better-For-You Choices That Keep You Running
Partnership with Runner's World
Competitive Analysis

Number one in customer loyalty for 6 years
Highest rated in the QSR industry
(Brand keys Customer Loyalty Index 2006 - 2012)
94% brand awareness
Includes markets where Dunkin’ doesn’t have stores yet
Commitment to local communities
Feeding the hungry
Supporting children’s health and wellness
The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins Community Foundation
Brand Strength

Every post has picture/link/etc
31,080 people have them in their circle
Page similar to Facebook
Platform for many contests
2,966 subscribers

Monday night football billboard advertisements
recreate a Monday night football play with Dunkin products on vine
LinkedIn (Dunkin’ Brands)
numbers based on 2012 finishers - runningusa.org
Dunkin' Donuts Social Media Presence
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- Youtube
- Blog
- Pinterest
- Instagram
- Vine
- LinkedIn
- Website
Share content based on how users are engaging the brand and interacting with the product
Share images and video of their products, what is going on in the offices around the world, and updates on current contests and events
"We focus more on engagement and that our fans actually own our social pages"
- Jessica Gioglio, public relations and social media manager at Dunkin' Brands.
tweets at least once a day and very active with promotional images

Updates on what is going on in the company
recipes for unusual ways to use their product
Blog - Behind the Beans
Threadless T-shirt design - website
Includes coffee brewing tips on how to make perfect coffee at home
Features hot, iced, and K-cup coffees
“My regular refills” - online ordering- makes repeat orders easy
pick a product and delivery frequency and it will automatically be sent
Current Mobile Application
Proposed Mobile Application
numbers based on 2012 finishers - runningusa.org
numbers based on 2012 finishers - runningusa.org
numbers based on 2012 finishers - runningusa.org
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