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Population Theories:

No description

Padric Matter

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Population Theories:

The Living Planet Index
Measures global biodiversity

Biodiversity has declined by 33% since 1970

USA and China account for more than 2/5 of the planet's ecological footprint

According to the Living Planet Report we are creating an
"ecological credit crunch"

We are using 30% more resources than Earth can replace each year

This means we are using the natural resources that drive our economy to a point of

Ecological debt= $4-4.5 trillion dollars
Is population reaching its limit?
The Limits to Growth Model
A study done in 1970 follows the same growth model as Malthus

Determined 5 basic factors that determine and may limit population growth

1. Population
2. Agricultural Production
3. Natural Resources
4. Industrial Production
5. Pollution
Let's read about it
Turn to page 80

What does the Limits Growth Model say about the future of humans and population growth?

Do you agree/disagree?

Is it possible to change these growth trends and establish sustainability?
Thomas Malthus
In 1798 Thomas Malthus produced his theory of population

He believed that there was a
finite limit
to growth

Population = relative to food supply

If population went higher than the food supply there would be a decline in population

"War, famine and disease"
Population Theories:
How many people can our planet hold?

Economic Problems

Page 81
To Do: Study figure 4.7 and answer the questions a,b,c
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