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Jorie Siegwald - Student Teaching Application Presentation

No description

Jorie Siegwald

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Jorie Siegwald - Student Teaching Application Presentation

STudent Teaching Goals
Strengthen Classroom Management Skills
Standard #4
Standard #6
Formative and Summative
Standard #2
Learning styles
Jorie Siegwald - USM Student Teaching Application Presentation 2016
Standard #1
learner Development
Learning Differences
Standard #3
Learning Environments
Content Knowledge
Standard #5
Application of Content
Standard #7
Planning for Instruction
Standard #8
Instructional Strategies
Standard #9
Professional LEarning and Ethical Practice
Standard #10
LEadership and Collaboration
Start where the student is
Respectful learning community
Differentiation of learning
Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual
Start from what you want students to know
Lesson plans incorporate learning standards from multiple subjects - math, literature, speaking and listening
Bloom's Taxonomy
SAMR Model
Professional Learning Network
Growth Mindset
Collaborative Word Wall built with linguistic and non-linguistic descriptions
• http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1942025
Formative Assessment
Solicit "expert" parent input
Communicate and instruct auditorily, linguistically, non-linguistically, kinesthetically
Adapt instruction
Each student has different life and family experiences that affect and shape who he/she is as a learner
Growth Mindset
Classroom is a safe place to make mistakes
Backwards Design
Linked to standards
Students get to create using technology
Teacher and students get immediate feedback on understanding of character traits concepts
How much scaffolding was necessary or what was the level of student's independence in completing task
Safe, collaborative environment
Expectations established through rules and procedures
Students are given choices and become self-regulated learners
Classroom management plan is essential
Proximity - moving around the classroom
Use of Technology
Philosophy of Classroom Management
Active, engaged participants in learning
First Day of School Plan
Community resources
Active Learner
Analyzing and Applying
Standards aligned
Learning targets
Technology integration into classroom instruction and learning
Team Player
Partnered with Reading Specialist at Liberty View Elementary for 5 1/2 years teaching reading
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