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Russia's Brand:Valenki

No description

Olga Afanasyeva

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Russia's Brand:Valenki

The Museum "Russian Valenki" The museum exhibition includes a large collection of different models of felt boots. Here you will get to know a lot about this traditional footwear, the craftsmen’s knowledge and the process of making felt boots. Nowadays valenki are in fashion thanks to original design, embroidery and hand crafted features. How To Make Valenki RUSSIA'S BRAND Culture Page VALENKI "There is nothing more Russian than valenki. To preserve them means to preserve Russian culture." Facts From History Valenki were an essential part of Russian national costume, the Russian way of life, winter and even the Russian character. Peter the Great wore valenki as the best remedy against hangover. The history of valenki goes back to the beginning of the 18th century. Valenki became widespread only in the first half of the XIX century, when they began manufacturing by industrial methods. Soviet soldiers could resist during World War II in severe winter partly thanks to the best winter uniform which included a pair of valenki. Since then valenki boots has been mass manufactured for Russian army and there is not any other alternative because of their frost resistance and warmness. The famous song "Valenki" was performed by Lidia Ruslanova, the well-known singer of Russian fork songs, in 1943. Valenki, traditional winter boots made of
felt, represent one of the symbols of Russian cultural heritage. Valenki are very light and made of wool. They resist the temperature to -40 degrees Celsius. Valenki are usually worn with rubber shoes
called galoshes which are put on the soles to get protected from getting wet. The presentation is made by
Olga Afanasyeva
the English Teacher
school 1558 named after Rosalia de Castro
Moscow, Russia Town of Myshkin City of Moscow Sources
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