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No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Percy

Percy Jackson story
is a myth it has gods.
Percy is person who
was kicked out of a
school.He was bad at
reading,math and
other subjects.
posiedon is the king of the ocean.He rules it.His water power could destroy
any things.His symbol is
zeus is god of lightning.His lightning
power could damage any thing. His
symbol is
Posiedon and Zeus helped Percy get the
lightning sword when got the sword a
evil monster came to take the sword .Percy
killed the monster by his sowrd.He took
the monster's sharp tooth.
Then they went to kill the evil people
in the lightning city.He fought really
hard.He won and went back to his city
Percy thanked Posiedon and Zeus.percy
proud of himself because he saved the
world.Percy Jackson has to finish all
evil people.
In this story there gods like Zeus and Posiedon
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