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Peggy Diggs: Private Act and Public Art

No description

Rosalyn H. Nah

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Peggy Diggs: Private Act and Public Art

Peggy Digg's Works Introduction About the artist... Peggy Diggs ACTIVITY We are all aware of the continual issue of sexual assault on campus. Without using posters, what would be the most effective visual way of creatively making your peers more cautious and aware of this issue?
[Feel free to draw from the Peggy Diggs'
reading if you’ve done it.] Works by Peggy Diggs History Recent works Peggy Diggs Group 6 Activist Art = Public Art The Fall of Public Man
The public has become ‘privatized’ in both a macro and micro gestural manner Introduction Public and Private
Roof garden vs. Arc de Triomphe Introduction Public and Private
Le Corbusier Introduction Public and Private Introduction Public Art and
Activist Art

"Activist artists accepts the conditions of contemporary public life" Introduction Public Art Activist
- collects information
- personal stories
- communicate
- “Recollection” Collections http://preventconnect.org/docs/V26%20Peggy%20Diggs1.mp3

Interview with Peggy Diggs Peggy Diggs " Because it can present or
question ideas held by citizens,
and because those may change
over time,
temporary public art would not
and should not last. "

- Peggy Diggs
- Research

- qualitative data collected

- women’s right

- domestic violence and abuse

- Violence from men towards women

- mass produced Practice

-Socially engaged


-Domestic environment

- Private/Public exchange STYLE Awards -Massachusetts Cultural Council Individual Artist Grant
-Lila Wallace International Artists Foundation
-Creative Capital Foundation
-Special Editions Grant from the Lower East Side Printshop
-New England Foundation for the Arts New Forms grant
-New England Foundation for the Arts/National
-Endowment for the Arts Regional Fellowship in Sculpture Peggy Diggs The Caracus Subway
1991/1992 Work by Peggy Diggs The Atlanta Perpetrator Project
1995 Work by Peggy Diggs The Domestic Violence Milk carton Project

1991/1992 Work by Peggy Diggs DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROJECTS
1992 Work by Peggy Diggs DO NOT SLEEP (2003) Work by Peggy Diggs Sex Bias Shirt Project (1993) Work by Peggy Diggs Drury High School Restaurant Table Tent Project and Bar Coaster Project (1993) Work by Peggy Diggs The Hartford Grandmothers’ Project (1994) Work by Peggy Diggs Pittsfield High School Bulk Mail Project (1993) Work by Peggy Diggs CONCLUSION
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