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Florida's Natural Resources

No description

Thomas Caselli

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Florida's Natural Resources

Florida's Natural Resources
Solar Energy
If there's one thing the Sunshine State has, it's sunshine! The panels to the right are made up of solar cells. The mirrors on the left reflect sunlight to solar cells at the top of the tower. Solar cells change the sun's energy into electricity. In DeSoto County, Florida the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Plant is the largest solar energy plant of its kind in the U.S.
Where else have you seen solar cells?
Is solar energy renewable?
Wind Farms
Strong ocean breezes have the potential to be a great energy source for Florida. There are currently no wind farms in Florida, but plans have been made to build wind farms that will convert wind to electricity.
Why is it windier by the ocean?
Is wind renewable?
Phosphate rock is mined and is an important Florida resource. It is used to make fertilizer.
For what is fertilizer used?
Is phosphate a renewable resource? Why or why not?

Florida has gorgeous sandy beaches, and that sand is very important to Florida. Sand is a valuable resource because it is used in silicon, and silicon is used in computer chips and solar cells.
The picture to the right is a limestone mine. A mine is a place where soil or rock is removed from the ground because it contains a natural resource. Limestone is an important resource because we use it to build roads and make cement.
Do you think limestone is renewable?
Oil is drilled at oil wells. It is used for fuel and to make plastic. In the picture to the left is the first oil well in Florida.
Underground fresh water is used for drinking water. Farmers also use spring water to water their crops.
Do you recognize the name on the water bottle?
1. Name at least five natural resources in Florida.

2. How are renewable and nonrenewable resources alike and different?

3. Fresh water is a renewable resource but only if it's used wisely. Why do you think this is true?

4. View the map on page 257 in your science book. What natural resources are found near Tampa?

5. Which Florida natural resources are renewable?

6. Which of Florida's natural resources are mined?

7. Which nonrenewable resource is used to make the equipment for a renewable resource?
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