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10 Archetypes from Twilight

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Lisa McFall

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of 10 Archetypes from Twilight

10 Archetypes from Twilight
By: Lisa McFall
Honors English 2X

Symbolic Archetypes
Supernatural Intervention
Supernatural Intervention
The Fall
Death and Rebirth
Battle between good and evil
Situational Archetypes
The Fall
"The Fall" archetype describes when the situation turns in a bad way
An example of this archetype in "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer is when the bad vampires find out that Bella is a human and then proceed to start a chase to find her, suck her blood and then kill her
Death and Rebirth
This archetype symbolizes the death of something often someone and them the coming back to life of it
The main example of this archetype in "Twilight" is when Bella is dying from the venom from James and Edward has to save Bella without killing her
Bella's life flashes before Edward's eyes when she nearly dies but Edward finds the will to keep her alive and she is essentially reborn
Battle Between Good & Evil
The battle of good vs. evil is a often common reoccurring theme and archetype
This archetype is displayed in the book by the battle and chase between essentially the "good" vampires and the "bad" vampires
The good vampires are trying to keep Bella safe and the bad vampires are trying to kill her for her blood
This battle distinctly shows the struggles of each side
In this archetype the gods or some godly power comes and intervenes on the situation
In the story the supernatural intervention that occurs is when Bella has been attacked by James and Edward is trying to help her but is making it worse and he finds the will inside him to stop killing her
Singular Character Archetypes
Friendly Beast
Outcast/Damsel in Distress
The mentor archetypal character is a teacher, counselor or leader figure
In the story Carlisle is the mentor figure
He leads the family and teaches them all what they know, he is who everyone goes to for leadership in bad situations and is the father or paternal figure
Friendly Beast
This archetype shows that a beast who on the side of the hero can be helpful and almost always turns out well
The character who is an example of this archetype would be Laurent
Laurent is originally a bad vampire who is working with James and Victoria but decides to help out Bella and warns Carlisle about James and Victoria and their plans to hurt Bella
The outcast is someone in the story who originally does not fit in
Bella is this archetype because she is originally the new girl at school with no friends and not many people know about also known as an outcast
Group Character Archetypes
Hunting Group of Companions
Star Crossed Lovers
Hunting Group of Companions
A hunting group of companions is like a family or close knit group who faces hard obstacles and challenges together and is willing to die for each other
The Cullen family portrays this archetype in the story because they are all one group or family unit that has to face tough decisions together and are willing to/would die for each other
Star Crossed Lovers
Star crossed lovers are people who were not meant to be together for multiple reasons but their love is too strong
Edward and Bella are somewhat an example of this archetype because they are two different beings and should not be together but they love each other
Damsel in Distress
The damsel in distress is a character, usually a woman, who needs saving or help
Bella portrays this archetype of a damsel in distress in the story because she needs the Cullen's help to be safe from James and Victoria
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