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Miriam Kiran

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Yemen

Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country located in Western Asia (Middle East). It has the same size as California and Kentucky combined.
Miriam Kiran
29 April 2014

Bordered by Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden.
Facts ya Gotta Know
: Sanaa (also largest city).
: 25 million. Density: 44.7 km2
: Temperate/Moderate. Weather varies between 40 F and 80 F.
: 70% rock and mountains. 30% grassy plains.
Official language
: Arabic
: "God, Nation, Revolution, Unity"

*Yemenis were the first to build skyscrapers.
*Yemen was also the first Arab country formed, then other Arab countries formed from it.
: Natural resources are oil and natural gas. Have agriculturally productive land. Majority used for farming.
: 3 major cities:
Al Hudaydah
: Subject to sandstorms and dust storms. Limited natural freshwater.
Current Conflicts
From since 2004, an armed conflict between Yemeni government forces and Huthi rebels began.
On April 21, 2014, a US drone hit Yemen; aiming to kill threatening gangs. Suspects believed to have died, but along with innocent civilians.
US Drone
Tourist attractions
: an island popular due to its beauty and has the rarest
plants and animals
in the world.
Old city of Sanaa
: one of the oldest cities in the world; also has beautiful traditional architecture.
Cultural Landmark
Bab Al-Yemen (the Gate of Yemen) is a cultural landmark located at the center of the old town of Sanaa.
Interesting Facts
Official religion: Islam
Popular sport: Soccer
Alcohol prohibited
Mocha originates from Yemen. The mocha frappuccinos people buy from cafes are named after a city that was once the largest coffee center in the world.
Robert W. Stookey (1978). Yemen: the politics of the Yemen Arab Republic. Westview Press. p. 141.
"Yemen". International News Safety Institute. Retrieved 14 October 2009.
A Trip to Yemen
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