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EssayWriters System Presentation

No description

Anna Bright

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of EssayWriters System Presentation

The profile contains your personal information. Please be as accurate as possible while filling in all the fields.
Here you can edit your personal information and account settings, add necessary samples, scans, etc.
Please note that the particular information cannot be modified. The 'Email' field can be edited by support representatives only. Your 'Trusted Email' cannot be changed.
All phone numbers are in the international format only. If not/none, your account may be closed due to inability to contact you.
Welcome to EssayWriters!
We are glad to see you as a part of our Team!
Check this guide to explore what is next!
Here is what your profile looks like.
Now let us learn how to use the system.
Choose the most convenient option to verify your phone number.
Types of orders in the system.
This section shows all orders available for you at the moment. Here you can view and take the order you want to work on.
These are your orders in preparing status.
Closed orders include all the orders completed by you.
The Available orders list is easy to navigate.
Here you can see the number of all orders currently available.
The order details can be checked by one simple click. To do it, you can use an ‘Expand all’ button.
Here is a ‘Hide order’ button for your convenience. You are welcome to use it if you consider the order to be off your expertise.
Tick the relevant field in Filters category to view all orders hidden.
It's Easy!
Log in your account
Check your messages and news
Browse available orders
View order details
Take an order
Upload the completed order
Receive compensation

Please remember to use filters to choose the most suitable order.
Some orders are marked with special labels for your convenience.
First Client order
- first order from a new customer. It requires utmost atttention to gain client’s trust to continue your cooperation in future.

Personal order
- you are chosen as a preferred writer by a customer.

Critical order
- an order with a very short deadline remaining. Make sure you are able to complete it within the time frame.

High Value order
- an order with a high compensation.

My Subject order
- an order that matches your indicated subject preferences.
Should you have any other questions, you are welcome to refer to our 'HELP' section. You may also check our presentations on 'Formats Guide' and 'How to Avoid Plagiarism' there.
Here it is! :)
Our Support Team, QA, Billing and Technical Departments are always glad to assist you.
Do not hesitate to contact them via messaging board!
Looking forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation!
Please remember to
login every 24 hours
when having any orders in preparing status to avoid their reassignment or cancellation.
Please check our
Terms and Conditions,
paragraph 3 before you start taking orders:

'The Writer warrants not to disclose any part of the Product to third parties. Disclosure of any part of the Product to third parties will be considered as breach of contract.'
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