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A vary nice place

Wilhelm Jonsson

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful place!! It had a lot of culture and nice places The culture is amazing they have everything from famous painters like Botero, the Nobel Price taker in literature Gabriel Garcia Màrquez, to a gold museum with gold from the Chibcha Indians. But the best part that you see everywhere is the dancing. I will show a video. Here is a picture of the best spot from were you can see Bogota!! Bye, Bye
and thank you for watching. Here is my house!!! The Colombian nature is great. There are many places to go to where there are a lot of different natures. You just need to drive up a mountain or out of a town and you will get there. The roads can be hard out in the forest because they are muddy and bumpy. There are also many animals e.g.
fly's Nature/Animals By the way we had a dog like many other families. As you can see there is a dog on the picture. Many people have dogs in Colombia because they guard houses from robbers. Colombia is still a vary dangerous place.. There are a lot of nice vacation places but I am going to tell you just about two of these, the Coffè District and Cartagena. In the Coffè District there is an amusement park and in it you can see how you make coffè and all the worlds coffè plants. Outside Cartagena there are many caribbean islands that you can go to. I am going to tell more about Cartagena in an other slide. There is nice food and nice nature there. Nice Places For Vacations Colombian People Colombian people are relay nice. They always smile and want to help, I think not everyone in the world does that. When I came to Colombia I was surprised.
This is a friend from Colombia she is called Eloisa. The Cities Bogota And Cartagena The two cites are different. Bogota is the capital city, it has an antic center but the rest is modern. Bogota has around 8 million people. The city lies on 2600 meters over the sea. Cartagena has a large fort, which is really old, there they made the film "Raiders of the lost stone". Cartagena is a big harbor city in the north of Colombia.
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