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How I Inspire My Personal Creativity

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chris irwin

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of How I Inspire My Personal Creativity

How I Inspire My Personal Creativity
I have always found a place where I could unlock my creativity through music. I am an artist and I enjoy drawing and painting. I have found that different music genres help me to create with different mediums. As I am putting a piece together or brainstorming phase I would listen to a genre of music I am not familiar with or do not listen to often. When I am drawing with charcoal and I am in a creation phase of a piece I would listen to Operatic music with orchestra and vocals. When I am creating fine detail in a piece I will listen to orchestra or chamber music without vocals.
People as a whole and individually have always helped me to find creativity. If I watch as people as a whole react to tragedy and joy it helps me to unlock different creative thoughts. If I am working on a piece of artwork that would generate a certain feeling I will watch to see what art generates the feeling I am wanting to convey. Individually, there are people I can spend time with, an hour or so, and I can pick up on different creativity areas in me, because of the emotion/personality that person has or creates when I am around them.
I have always found putting my body in a state of natural repetitiveness, body goes into a nature autopilot state, my mind begins to open up the creative thought process. When I walk I have found that my mind starts dwelling on philosophical questions and tries to congregate thoughts that will generate answers to questions I am looking for. When I lift weights I find that my mind and body become completely drawn away from any creative thought as I perform the exercise, but after the exercise is over, then my mind becomes flooded with thoughts and images. When I am in an exercise routine creative thought seems to come much easier for me.
Nature has always inspired my creativity, because of all the colors around us that nature brings. More than just the color there are intricate patterns that causes the color to come alive. Also nature is intricate in its design; because every creature and plant has a purpose it plays in its environment. Some plants are food for some creatures, some creatures are food for other creatures, and all of them need water to stay alive. Nature also correct its self no matter how much damage it seems to take from outside sources.
Some of the biggest creativity blockers, I have found, are feelings of guilt, remorse, and loneliness. These feeling seem to creep in when you are trying to find creativity. These feeling will put themselves front and center in the middle of my creative flow. It is always best not to have these feelings, but as humans we have to deal with them. The best way, I have found, is to spend time on a regular basis praying and worshiping my God. Praying an worshiping God has opened up creativity in me by getting rid of feeling of guilt, remorse, and loneliness.
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