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3x1 Supreme Leaders Photo Album

No description

Ronald Tso

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of 3x1 Supreme Leaders Photo Album

3x1 Supreme Leaders
Captain America - Trait Leadership
Personal Trainer - Transformation Leadership
Women Truck Driver - Women Leadership
Cat Master- Laissez-faire Leadership
Baseball Team - Transformation
Lion King - Authentic Leadership
Father & Son - Transactional Leadership
Ducks - Self-protective
Women Minister - Women Leadership
Professional Dancers - Directive & Team Leadership
Parents/Priest & Family - Servant Leadership
Sandra Madrid
Photo Album
Lisa Lucio
Photo Album
Ronald Tso
Lisa Lucio
Sandra Madrid

Ronald Tso
Photo Album
Leaders are concerned with improving the performance of followers to their fullest potential.
Coercive Leadership
Expert Leadership
Affiliative Leadership
Dr. Henry Shannon - Achievement-Oriented Leadership
Team Leadership
Women in Leadership
Judge Joe Brown & Judge Judy
Legitimate Leadership
Leader exchange things of value with subordinates to advance their own agenda.
They have a clear idea of who they are, where they are going and what the right thing is to do.
Reflects behaviors that ensure the safety and security of the leader and the group.
Behaviors: Conceptualizing / Emotional Healing / Putting followers first / Helping followers grow and succeed / Behaving Ethically / Empowering / Creating Value for the community.
Women show the same level of performance and commitment to do the same role as men do.
A coach giving her words of encouragement to a runner before a big race.
Boss talking down to his staff member just because of his authority.
This leader works to create emotional bonds that bring a feeling of belonging.
This is a group of members who are independent and share the same goals. This is a special task force trying to strategize a plan to target specific gangs in the L.A. area.
Glass Ceiling theory as discussed in Chapter 14. Where in some corporate companies a women will never reach the top even if they meet the qualifications.
A judge who administers sentences exhibits legitimate power.
Inspire and challenge students to achieve their fullest potential in reaching their educational goal as well as motivating staff to assist students to succeed.
Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) - possess a
personality trait of intelligence, integrity, self-confidence, sociability, and determination in leading the avengers to achieve a common goal: "beat the bad guy and save the planet".
A woman leading a sermon at church.
A master trainer must be able to set clear standards of performance and makes rules and regulations clear to students. A full-team leadership is demanded in competition.
An insightful cat awaits his human subject to serve his needs.
A personal trainer transform the lives of people by getting them into
shape and changing the way they look.
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