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THAILAND: a trip of a lifetime.

Climbing the social ladder with a bottomless account

LJ DeVera

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of THAILAND: a trip of a lifetime.

the trip of a lifetime
When someone asked me where I would choose to travel to on a bottomless bank account, without any care for a budget, and solely to enjoy living the dream for a few weeks, I had to give it a little bit of thought…
I always had a fondness for living haute monde. The lifestyle dates back to the olden days and is simply a French translation for “high world”, or “high society”. The exclusive lifestyle that only the lucky few are fortunate to live.
With no financial limit, there are endless possibilities; so it had to be narrowed down to purpose. Because why go crazy with money if you are not making good use of it.

to experience the connections between ‘big’ people (Phu Yai) and ‘little’ people (Phu Noi) in one month in Thailand.
What does this mean
The society in Thailand tends to be quite different than the one in the western hemisphere. As in many other parts of the world the social relationships are often defined by the age, wealth and personal or political power of the individual.
When meeting a new individual, a person from Thailand is most likely to assess the social status of the new individual in regards to their Phu Yai or Phu Noi status.
I want to treat myself by living like the richest of the rich, and learn how I can help the poorest of the poor. I want to grow as an individual and in one months time, come home appreciating my upbringing and my life in Canada and share my Thailand experiences.
SO THERE I WAS...planning my trip to Thailand
First thing's first; when was I going to go?
Thailand has 3 seasons:
Cool Season
November to February
Low of 80 degrees Fahrenheit
High of 80 degrees Fahrenheit
*Exists everywhere, except
Southern Thailand
Hot Season
March to May
Highs of 100 degrees Fahrenheit
All areas of Thailand
Low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit
The South
Phuket and other Andaman Coast: April through October
Koh Samui and the other Gulf Coast destinations: October to January
The North
Less rain than other parts of the country, but monsoon storms happen most in September
Bankok and Central
Rainstorms last one to two hours at most
Rainy Season
After weighing my options, I realized December to January was the best time to take a trip like this because weather will be perfect, and since this is supposed to be a trip of a lifetime, what better way to spend Christmas, New Years, and my birthday on a trip like this!
It is necessary to get my Hepatitis A and B shot before I traveled abroad. Good thing I'm not afraid of needles!
luggage after
luggage later and I was off on my journey
My friend Joshua will also be accompanying me on this trip. What's a journey of a lifetime, if you have no one to share it with!
We will be traveling via Magellan Jets Private Charters from Lester B. Pearson Int'l (Toronto, CA) to
to Kamphangsaen Airport (Kaphangsaen, Thailand)
at a price of $153,230 USD. Realistically, this seems like a bit much, but according to my bottomless dream bank account, this is my opportunity to see
how the celebrities live!
After about a 25 hour flight on our private jet- including fuel stops - we will land in Kamphangsaen and then drive 1 hour and 40 minutes to Bangkok, Thailand. Talk about a grand start to an unforgettable journey!
December 20-27
Bangkok has devoted most of its land to urban development and is not only known as the capital of Thailand, but also the most popular city in the country. Bangkok is a metropolitan city with a varying demographic in and between the groups of Phu Yai and Phu Noi. I thought this would be a good place to start because it will offer Josh and I a basic and neutral understanding of the Thai culture.
We will be staying at the St. Regis Hotel
in Bangkok, along Rajadamri Road, near the city’s elite business institutions, superb restaurants, and fine boutiques. Both Josh and I being business majors; I think it will be interesting to see how Bangkok's business district runs in comparison to ours in Toronto. The total price of our accommodations in Bangkok will be 47,280 Baht, which is equivalent to $1,535.95 CAD.
When we can finally bring ourselves to leave the beautiful hotel...what else is there to to in Bangkok?
There is so much to do in Bangkok;
from shopping at Platinum Mall and Chatuchak Weekend Market, to visiting the temples such as the Wat Arun. Josh and I also love the nightlife, so we plan on partying at least one night away,
maybe on Khao San Road.
We will be spending Christmas in Bangkok.
Although Thailand is predominantly Buddhist,
the celebration of Christmas is very commercialized,
especially in the city, giving tourists who celebrate
Christmas lots to do on this day.
On December 27, we will leave Bangkok for Chiang Mai. Josh and I are very enthusiastic about volunteer work…even if it is on a vacation.
In Chiang Mai, we will be participating in a two week long volunteer program with Friends of Asia. This will give us the opportunity to get away from the hussle and bussle of Bangkok, and give us something to appreciate and reward ourselves for before the beautiful beaches
of the south.

Being an orphan in any country is never an ideal upbringing. Roughly one-fourth of the children at this orphanage are HIV positive, which provides yet another huge obstacle for them. It is easy to think, “I’m just a foreigner. What can I do to really make a difference for these kids?” The two co-founders and directors of this orphanage are also foreigners in Thailand. With a lot of work and love, they have taken in hundreds of children over the years – children who otherwise would not have had much of an opportunity.
Making a Difference by Volunteering in Thailand...
"Waking up with a fish pond and rice paddies outside your window, mountains in the distance and more than 50 children waiting for your attention – this is what volunteering in Thailand is all about. Volunteers in this project stay on the project site five days a week, enjoying well-earned rest and relaxation over the weekend in Chiang Mai city. There are also plenty of nearby attractions and events throughout the year."
2 Week Program : A Day in the Life
The two week program fee is $895 USD, which is definitely worth it
Spending new years without a sequent dress and high heels will be something I wouldn’t miss if it means I get to spend it with Josh, while doing something as meaningful as this in a foreign country.
Chiang Mai
December 28 - January 8
January 9 - 18
On my birthday, we will be taking a domestic, 2 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket via AirAsia.
Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, so it is no surprise that it is known for its beaches.
The second best way to spend my birthday after volunteering with the Thai children would have to be celebrating like a princess. We will be eating, sleeping, and swimming in luxury.
We will be staying at Villa Analaya in Kamala for $2000 a night. This luxury home is my dream retreat and includes an entrance to the beach on either side of the property, a private swimming pool, sundeck, patio and sleeps 10. Why would Josh and I need a villa that sleeps 10?
For my birthday, I plan on flying down my four best friends and my family to celebrate with me. Money really is useless if it doesn’t make you happy. So, there is no way I will be leaving my friends and family out of this dream vacation!
On January 18, I will head back to Canada to face reality.
We will fly back from Phuket International Aiport, back to Lester B. Pearson International via the Magella private charter jet.
From my dream vacation, I want to come back with a different view of my every day life. I want to share my experience with those around me, and take into consideration every day, that where ever you stand on a social status ladder – whether you are wealthy, or just getting by – to open your eyes and take in every little detail before you move on to even the next breath you take.
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