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Pepsi Max Advert

No description

Emily Kinsella

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Pepsi Max Advert

The New Advert
Target Audience Profile
Advertisement Placement
The Product
Low Calorie equivalent to Pepsi
High caffeine content
Available in many sizes of cans and bottles
Owned by PepsiCo
No sugar
Aimed at men with its branding and advertising.
Previous Adverts
'Cola wars'

Three friends working in the office

The current theme being 'live for now'

First theme being 'live life to the max'
Key Message
"MAX OUT" slogan suggests that they are trying to put across that everyone should get the max out of ordinary life.
Demographic Profile
Pepsi Max is popular with the male demographic aged between 17- 30
Class: (D) & (C2) Working class and skilled working class
Psychographic Profile
Succeeders ( Quality brand choices)
Aspirers (Materialistic, obsessed with brands)
How does the advert appeal to them?
The simple fact that there are three men in the advert.
The pub is thought of as a very masculine place.
The men in the advert are within the age range.
Timing & Location
The advert would show just before and after the water shed
Ideally would sponsor programs on E4
Job Roles & Responsibilities
Emily : Director, Actor
Hugo: Sound , Actor
Alex : Sound, Actor
Sian: Camera Operator, Producer
Overview Of Production Tasks
Was the production a success?
Yes because...
despite some poor footage the final edits still worked
Planning and pre-production tasks went well.
What we thought went well and what didn't
Good team work & all decisions were unanimous
Work was delegated evenly
Not Well:
Some shots in filming
Having to reschedule filming
Improvements we would make next time around
Re shoot shots in different camera angles
Better actors
Not film underneath a fan
Man is on a bad date in a pub
Signals to his friend, the barman who contacts another friend
Another friend walks in holding a baby
Date is confused
Three men walk out
Enjoy a Pepsi max
The Coca-Cola Company
(Coke Zero)

Dr Pepper Snapple Group
(Dr Pepper TEN)
Pepsi was made by Caleb Bradham
PepsiCo was formed as a cooperation in 1965
Pepsi Max was launched in 1993
Location recce
Props and Costumes
Health and Safety
Action Plans
Mood boards
Cast and Crew Profiles
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