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First and Third Person Point of View

No description

Rachel Leber

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of First and Third Person Point of View

First and Third Person Point of View


Remembering Hurricane Katrina
Point of View
The narrator's position in relation to the story.
Does anyone know what a narrator does?

First Person Point of View
Third Person Point of View
First Person Point
of View
First Person point of view is when the narrator is a character in his or her own story.
Third Person Point
of View
Can anyone explain what third person point of view is?
Today's Outline
Discuss First and Third Person Point of View
First and Third Person Activity Sheet
Discuss new vocab words
Watch "Hurricane" video and talk about Hurricane Katrina
Read "Remembering Hurricane Katrina"
First and Third Person
point of view

Can anyone explain what first person point of view is?
There are 3 types of third person point of view:
Third Person Objective Point of View
Third Person Limited Point of View
Third Person Omniscient Point of View
Third Person Objective
The narrator is not a character in the story but observes what is happening. The narrator only reveals what is happening and does not share what he/she is thinking.
Third Person Limited
The narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character.
Third Person Third
Person Omniscient
The narrator knows all the facts, including what all the characters in the story think and feel but the narrator is not a character.
Point of View Activity
"Remembering Hurricane Katrina"

pages 181-183
Day 2
Realistic Fiction
Is a made-up story
Includes realistic characters, events, and settings
Usually has dialogue
May include a flashback to an earlier event
What makes "remembering Hurricane Katrina" realistic fiction?
Read "Back To School"
Then, compare both stories
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