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Bias: Defining and Studying

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Sarah Thursby

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Bias: Defining and Studying

Bias: Define & Study
What is Bias?
in favor of or

against one thing, person, or group compared with another,

usually in a way considered to be unfair.
Think About this!
Watch the following 8 minute video
What did you expect to happen? Why?
What did the reporters expect to happen? Why?
Review discussion from yesterday's video!
Types of Bias:
Prejudice =
Media Bias
Bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within mass media
How is this biased?
How is this biased?
Why would media do this?
Talk to partner!
Talk to partner!
Talk to partner!
Media Bias Cont'd
Leaving 1 side out of article or series of articles
Selection of Sources
Including more sources that support one view over another
Bias by Omission
Language Biased example:

3,000 Americans were murdered, because the Republican administration didn't have the discipline or the good sense to read a presidential briefing.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/#ixzz2l7c3yLs3
Where is the bias?
Media Bias Cont'd
Do stories include equal number of conservative and liberal views?
Think About it....
1. What types of children were used?
2. What were their reactions to the commercial?
3. Would results have varied if other demographics of children were used?
Specifically race, age, gender, socioeconomic background, location of raise, education
Is this video BIASED?
Why/Why Not?
over period of time
Ignoring facts that disprove liberal/conservative claims
To find: see if BOTH views are shown/told
Bias is looking at things from ONE SIDE
Cutest child ever?
As group of 4,
answer the question "Are the authors of Kids React biased? Why/Why not?"
To find: reporter says
"experts believe"
"observers say"
"most people believe"
For this video:
Is there bias of children?
Is there bias of questioners?
Is there bias of reporters?
Write 3-5 sentences on bias in this video - Use specific examples!
Facts from video:

"Show me the dumb child."
76% of younger white children pointed to 2 darkest skin tones

"Show me the mean child."
66% of younger white children pointed to 2 darkest skin tones

"Show me skin color most don't like."
66% of younger white children pointed to 2 darkest skin tones

"Show me the bad child."
59% of older white children pointed to 2 darkest skin tones

"Some white children had race neutral responses."
I'm thinking that I do not care if they're black, white, mixed...
What is wrong with these?
OLDER WHITE children
SOME WHITE children
2 Types of Bias
Biased Language/
Loaded words
Words writer chooses are emotional
Can influence reader's opinion
Situational Bias
Person w/opinion has connection w/organization
Makes being fair and impartial difficult!
"Soccer mom"
JM vs Mayo Football Game
Your Job:
Bias Interview assignment
Due: Tuesday, Nov. 26
Where were children from in country?
1/2 in North & 1/2 in South
Ages of the children?
"Young kids and Older kids"
Races of children?
Black and white
Answers given are predominantly __________________________________
White biased answers....
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