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Sylvia mendez

No description

Lise Spangenthal

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Sylvia mendez

Sylvia's Decisions
Sylvia didn't make any major mistakes in her life. She maybe made little mistakes but not any major mistakes.
"My parents just wanted what was best for their children."
Background Information
Her parents were Gonzalo Mendez, and Felicitas Mendez.
Sylvia Becoming Famous
Sylvia Mendez fought for all children to have access to a equal quality of education.
Impact on Others
Sylvia Mendez made it able for Mexican kids to go to "White" schools.
Sylvia Mendez

She decided to take the fight to the school then eventually all the way to the US District Court.
For a living, Sylvia worked as a nurse for
33 years.
Sylvia Mendez was a hero
because if it wasn't for Sylvia all these Mexican boys, and girls wouldn't be able
to get a good education like the White
This quote means a lot to me because i can relate to it, my parents always do what they can to help have a better education and a better life then they had.
Sylvia Mendez was born in 1936 in Santa Ana, California.
She lived in a two room wooden shack in the middle of the city's Mexican neighborhood.
by: Zachary Florez
Some important lessons I have learned from the way Sylvia lived is I shouldn't be afraid to tell people what i think because Sylvia Mendez wasn't afraid to take the fight to the school board and then all the way to the US District Court.
Sylvia and her family filed charges of discrimination against Westminister school and others.
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