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ready to get a job! #1


Sandra Martin

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of ready to get a job! #1

getting ready to get a job!
Is the hardest job you will ever have
"What are you doing here?"
"Where are you going?"
"Where have you been?"
" I want to tell you a short story?"
"Why are you here?"
Today..I want to ask YOU the same questions
WHO are YOU?
WHERE are YOU going?
WHAT are YOU doing here?
WHERE have YOU been ?
WHY are YOU here?
So - let's begin...the place to start is Where YOU Want To Go!
" Who are You?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Where are you going?"
"Why are you here?"
"Where have you
Getting a job ...NO -
Starting your career
...after graduation is:
1. Something your family expects.

2. Will take longer than you think.

3. Means more than just getting a paycheck.

4. The first step toward success

5. Will give you headaches.
Do YOU Have a Plan for the Future?
Do YOU Have Specific Goals?
I was on a train...in the
middle of the night...
in the middle of Russia...
In the middle of the night,I heard stomping footprints...and angry, barking dogs...
So...what do you want? let's think about that...

1. Take out a sheet of paper-(workbook page 18)
2. Now quickly...without really thinking about it
write down the first things that pop into your mind when I ask...
"What 3 things do you want the most in the future?"
Now...if you listed to be:

1. A millionaire

2. A world traveler

3. To own a different luxury car for every day of the week.
then...my friend - you have years of
long hours and hard work ahead of you.
then, you've got some reality
conditioning ahead...
1. You don't want to
get up early.

2. Work weekends

3. Endure stress.

4. Have someone telling you what to do...
But, if...
Let's begin the process by...
Quickly...writing down the
3 things
you want most in the future
Achieving success is something
we all want to do...
But, before we can achieve
it, we have to know what we
find successful
Each of us has our own perception
of success:
success as a person
success in our career
success in our personal relationships
And, success cannot be achieved
just by wanting it
You have to do something to
get it
of success must be our own

for success...we can provide
To get a job...the right job...
Know what you really want out of life
Learn what you need to know
Develop the right attitude
The crucial difference between
successful people and unsuccessful people is:

Often, the difference between
future success and getting
what you want...
Is the difference between
being a professional and not
being a professional...
Five traits of a Professional:
1. Character
2. Attitude
3. Excellnce
4. Comptency
5. Conduct
A Professional is:
"Somebody who shows a
high degree of skill or
competnce in an occupation."
Student's often tell me that college is their last chance to:
Have fun
Be irresponsible
Be lazy and sleep-in
Do as little as possible
Pay attention as little as possible
Learn as little as possible
I tell those same students..
Habits of a lifetime are being formed now
This is our
best chance
to bcome a professional
What you do or don't do in college will determine your best and maybe your only shot at your dreams
Choices you make here
will influence
rest of our life.
1. Enthusiasm/Excitement
2. Knowledge/Ability
3. Prescence
4. Doesn't just want to know
"What's in it for me?"
5. Looks and acts the part
6. Not afraid to try something new and
7. Has no 'attitude'
1. Not reliable
2. Quality of work
3. Attitude
4. Poor ethics and standards
5. Lacks pride in work and
before we really get started...
Those questions scared me...
and - they made me stop and think.

(To be honest by that time I sure didn't know what I was doing there...but - then as I thought about it I really did know the answers to those questions...)
My question is do you?
How you answer those questions
is the beginning of
looking at your career future...
beginning to evaluate what you
want out of life...
deciding how you define success
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