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Ashley M. Greene

aka "Alice Cullen"! (unfinished...)

Cristy Garcia

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Ashley M. Greene

Greene Ashley
graduated early "Ashers" initially planned to become a model, but was told that she was not tall enough at 5'5" to be a fashion model and should focus acting in commercials instead. Ashley Michelle
Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida on February 21, 1987. a.k.a. Model, Actress,
Cristy's Wife (Someday) Alice Cullen from Samuel W. Wolfson High School & moved to Los Angeles, CA, when
she was 17 to start
her acting career. (Mark that date down! :) twitter: @ashleymgreene Michelle in the
Media * * * Ashley originally auditioned for * * *
the part of "Bella Swan" for
the "Twilight" saga movies.
She didn't get the part, but did in fact land the role of "Alice Cullen", Bella's fashionable, psychic
* * * best friend. * * * (To be honest, Alice is better than Bella anyway.) showed our Alice giving
Bella a nice present, of course
predicting the future,
& "stealing" a bright
yellow Porsche
911 Turbo in Italy.
You go girl! (; "Alice's" quirky personality & trendy fashion sense made "Ashers" an instant hit.
Not bad for a
supporting actress. (; In this movie,
Alice foresaw a battle between Victoria& her army, the Cullens, & the Volturi for Bella over her still being human. That meant they had to train.
And no one knows more about vampire
battles than Alice's beau, Jasper. The
result? Oh,
just this. After
the battle Edward proposes to Bella. showed
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