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Rights & Responsibilities

No description

Jonus Angleton

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Rights & Responsibilities

Code of Ethics
Roles, Responsibility, & Ethics
Communication & Ethics

Roles, Responsibility, & Ethics:
Educator Code of Ethics
Teacher handbooks, student handbooks, school board policy and code of ethics define the roles, responsibilities and ethics in which educators and students adhere to in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD). These documents provide insight to what a professional, educator should display and conduct in which to abide by. The same can
be said for the students that
attend the KPBSD.
Involving All Parties
Roles, Responsibility, & Ethics
Jonus Angleton
Shari Carlsted
Many expectations that are known are unwritten. These unwritten expectations are often thought of as common sense and common knowledge, based on natural morals, values and ethics.
There are many disciplinary actions and policies in place for when students, parents, and educators choose the infringe upon the set codes of ethics, polices, rules, and infractions of other consequences.
Improvements in communication and ethics are:

Continue current methods of communication- phone calls, email, memos, newsletters, etc.
Add social media as a new form of communication due to increase of use in mobile technologies as a form of societal communication.
Increase parent involvement in online instructions, via online classroom boards, blogs, discussion boards, etc.

Need to be well defined, without room for interpretation.
Need to be freely accessed by all stakeholders- educators, students, parents, all community members, etc. (not just accessible via online and difficult to find).
Need to be strictly enforced, especially for safety.
The KPBSD has provided a formal document addressing the code of ethics in a policy manual provided to educators. The CODE OF ETHICS AND TEACHING STANDARDS has detailed ethics for all educators to acknowledge, also available for the public to see via KPBSD website.

Community Relations
School Goals
Personal Property
School Closures
School Rules
Special Services
Student Grades & Missed/Late Work
Multiple Parties
Parental Request for Non-Participation
Student Transfer
Site Council
Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parental Involvement
In most cases, all policies attribute to the safety and well being of every party involved, to ensure quality and equal education for all students, and provide parental involvement in various forms, in vesting quality opportunities for the sucsess of every student.
Educators have strict policies in place to
ensure the educators are of the highest quality,
meant to provide the highest quality
education and quality student learning while ensuring the most safe educational

Students have strict rules and policies
that are enforced with a zero tolerance
policy, often with interpretation and wiggle
room. Students have full access to
policies and rules via student handbook.

Parents have full access to the
Parent/student handbook via student or
online. Parents also have the ability to
communication with teachers and
administration at any time in various communications.
KPBSD Parent-Student Handbook. (2015). Soldotna, Alaska: Kenai Peninsula

Borough School District.

KPBSD Policy Manual. (2005). Soldotna, Alaska: Kenai Peninsula Borough School


FACULTY HANDBOOK. (2011). Soldotna, Alaska: Kenai Peninsula Borough School


Ethics, polices, and rules exist to
ensure that all parties involved in
education are held to the highest
standards. Without these guidelines,
student's education would not be of the
greatest quality, safety would be of high
risk, and ethics would be sub par. At
KPBSD, the establish policies and
codes have been created to ensure
the greatest reflections and,
when necessary, can be
modified to better suit the
needs of students, educators
and parents.
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