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How technology has changed the world.

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Frozen Wolf

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of How technology has changed the world.

How technology has impacted the world!
What is the impact of information technology in everyday life

How technology has affected business?
Technology has affected business in many ways like speed of information available with out technology things would be a lot slower. You do not have to manually process many things thanks to technology.
How technology has changed education?
How technology changed?
In the past 5 years we made smart phones that are capable of acting as computer devices that can take pictures, search the Internet, send emails and text messages and yes, they even make phone calls. While it might seem that the technology of today has reached its limits, it is actually the tip of the iceberg. Only twenty or so years ago, personal computers were becoming small enough and affordable enough for families to buy them for home use. Since then, the world of technology has shown no signs of slowing down and practically every device available today is somehow tied to computer technology.
Everyone has seems to be drawn to the new technology. Like music blasting out of their white ear buds, or rapidly texting on their phone. People today are constantly in to in technological and it's advancements that promote nonstop communication and instant gratification, whether through it's new cell phones, gaming systems, laptops, or MP3 players. .
How does technology affects society?
How technology influence us
How technology has a negative for us?
Technology makes us lazy and distracted also more dependent on it.
How technology is good for us?
Technology has made our lives more comfortable and easy! We can communicate easier. find information quicker and easier.

You can do a lot more stuff online for example shop,book a plane ticket, check the traffic. All this stuff you couldn't do 15 years ago. People also have there phones all the time witch means you have internet almost every where ever you go.

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Calvin College openURL resolver
To me Technology has influenced us into making Facebook accounts and etc.... because it's so popular and we become addicted to technology. so we all just follow this tread so it influences us without having to do much so we get just get influenced by it one way or the outer.
Technology has changed education like in some schools they use iPads for teaching instead of textbooks, also you can search any thing up quickly on you're phone instead of having to search through books. Another thing is that it has changed what is taught for example now there are classes like this one on information technology.
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