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I Am Star- By Inge Auerbacher

A book project for MWH

Hannah Romagnoli

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of I Am Star- By Inge Auerbacher

I Am A Star
By: Inge Auerbacher Brief Summary This book is about the Holocaust and how a little girl survived through it. Everyday life for Jewish people changed once Hitler came to power. Unfair laws were created, for example- all Jews had to wear a yellow star on all their clothes. Like most little girls in 1942, Inge was happy and carefree. She enjoyed playing with her toys and spending time with her family. Book/Historical Info All Jews like Inge, were required to wear these yellow stars. Here's a picture of kids wearing
the yellow stars Jewish Stars Life in the Concentration Camps Life in the camp was awful for Inge and her family, like it was for most families. They all slept in wooden beds, usually together. This is what the beds looked
liked in the camps People were fed very little food. Their meals included.... Breakfast- Cold and bitter coffee, and bread
Lunch- Bread and cold soup (most camps didn't get lunch)
Dinner- Bread and cold soup Unlike most children in the camps, Inge was fortunate enough to keep her favorite doll with her during this time. She also had a friend named Ruth, who also had a doll. They played together during free time, and even colored with crayons that were snuck in by another inmate. This is a doll during the Holocaust Due to the low amounts of food many people starved. People looked like skeletons Privileges The Aftermath After the Holocaust, life wasn't the same for Inge, or any other Jews Towns and cities were destroyed and many Jews had no where to live. When Inge and her family returned to their town, it was destroyed and their house was sold to a German family. "Work means Freedom" Life after the War In addition to finding a new home, Inge and her parents met many people. They got to meet the mayor of their town and many American soldiers that helped save them from the camps. This event changed Inge's life in many ways, and she will always remember it The End
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