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MGMT 4325 Ch. 6

Formulating strategy

Laura Guerrero

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of MGMT 4325 Ch. 6

Ch. 6 - Formulating Strategy
Dr. Laura Guerrero
is defined as the means by which the business competes; its choice of businesses in which to operate and the ways it differentiates itself from competitors

Why is strategy relevant to international management?

In groups, explain and give examples of these reasons for going international


(1) globalization of competitors
(2) trade barriers
(3) regulations and restrictions
(4) customer demands
(5) what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a reactive approach?
In groups, explain steps in developing international strategies

(1) establish mission and objectives
(2) assess external environment
(environmental assessment and scanning—global, regional and national risks)
(3) analyze internal factors
(SWOT, comparative advantage, distinctive competencies)
(4) evaluate global and international strategic alternatives
(global strategy v. regionalization/localization)
(5) evaluate entry strategy alternatives
(#) decide on a strategy
SWOT of Target in France
Strengths ...
Weaknesses ...
Opportunities ...
Threats ...
What mindset would be harmful to companies expanding internationally?
In groups, explain and give examples of these reasons for going international


(1) economies of scale
(2) growth opportunities
(3) resource access and cost savings
(4) incentives
(5) what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a proactive approach?
Industry-based model
Resource-based view

Global strategy

In groups, explain
(1) exporting
(2) licensing
(2) franchising
(3) contract manufacturing
(3) offshoring
(4) international joint ventures
(5) fully owned subsidiaries
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