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graffiti artist

No description

liliana huerta

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of graffiti artist

What is Graffiti Art ?
Graffiti Art is a movement named after the spray-can vandalism
self expression and creativity
styled letter forms drawn with markers
colorful spray paint murals on walls,buildings, and trains

Graffiti Artists
History of Graffiti
312 B.C
It started in Ancient Rome cemeteries
graffiti was found in Pompeii
political slogans
American Dream
the american dream of graffiti artist is to convey a message through the artwork they are displaying
a claim
point of view of a situation
freely express themselves with art anywhere they want without the fear of it being painted over

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people consider it as "crime"
Graffiti also is expensive to clean up
graffiti are used by gangs to mark their territory
mix messages (people don't actually understand the point of the art)
destroying someone else property
not enough people understand why they do it
graffiti is a way to express oneself
people trying to make a statement
people can graffiti their own property or have permission then they can legally graffiti
catches peoples attention
people can relate to the message
Venice Beach Graffiti Pit

time and money
giving the right message
if they made a difference
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