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Introduction to the Crucible

No description

Lauren Whitney

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to the Crucible

Vote with Your Feet If the punishment is small, it is acceptable to blame someone else for a mistake you made. Life or death decisions should be based on religious morals rather than the law. Talking behind someone's back is acceptable if you think what you are saying is true. Confessing to a crime should lead to a lesser punishment. In order to protect your reputation, it is okay to get someone else in trouble. An abuse of power is acceptable if it rids the world of evil. The Crucible by Arthur Miller Puritans
Salem Witch Trials Massachusetts
February 1692 - May 1693 16th and 17th Centuries Religion played a MAJOR part of everyday life
Bible as Literal Authority
Personal Interpretation Demonology

Belief in witchcraft Women

Marginalized because of Eve's original sin Salem Witch Trials 2 Solutions:
1. Go through a trial and
most likely, be sentenced
to be hung
2. Confess to witchcraft
and tell on others who
participate. The Results Arthur Miller
America Senator Joseph McCarthy
McCarthyism Red Scare 1947-1957 Communist Power in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China
Nuclear Weapons Federal Government rounded American citizens up based on allegations of Communist Espionage
followed by an attempt to find others by offering a lesser punishment for outing others. Sound Familiar? 1. Fear of Evil living within the community
2. Mass hysteria over finding the culprits
3. People arrested were offered the opportunity to confess and name others
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