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Latitude vs Longitude

Geography Lesson: Latitude vs Longitude

Mackenzie Bull

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Latitude vs Longitude

What are they?
What's the difference? Latitude vs. Longitude Why is it important to know latitude and longitude? Latitude Essential Question Horizontal Longitude Parallels Equator
Zero degrees 0-90 degrees
North and South Latitude divides Earth
into two equal parts Southern Hemisphere
0-90 degrees South latitude Divided at the Equator
0 degrees latitude Meridians Vertical Prime Meridian
0 degrees longitude International Date Line
180 degrees longitude 180 degrees longitude
East and West Longitude divides Earth
into two equal parts Separated by Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England East of the Prime Meridian=1-179 degrees East
Eastern Hemisphere West of the Prime Meridian=1-179 degrees West
Western Hemisphere Horizontal Prime Meridian Measured in degrees Latitude Longitude Parallels Equator 0-90 degrees North and Vertical Meridians 0 degrees 0 degrees International Date Line South 0-180 degrees East and West 180 degrees Divide Earth into 2 equal parts (Hemispheres) Need some help? Longitude Latitude Ways to remember the difference between Longitude and Latitude LONG itude FAT itude Northern Hemisphere
0-90 degrees North latitude Coordinates Specific points on a map or globe where lines of latitude and longitude meet Absolute Locations (50 N, 143 W) The first number is N for North
Line of Latitude The second number is W for West
Line of Longitude Coordinates Treasure Hunt Review Compass Rose North South East West Northeast Southeast Northwest Southwest http://www.abcya.com/latitude_and_longitude_practice.htm
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