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Are Explosives Good or Bad

No description

carson grider

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Are Explosives Good or Bad

They help with mining
They helped make the tunnels for our trains.
We can now have fast transportation because explosives made the tunnels for the trains to go through.
Are Explosives Good or Bad
Explosives are good
They might be used to harm people, or destroy good things, but they do more good than bad. Like making buildings come down quicker, mining, and the military.
With explosives we can fight easier and have a lot more powerful arsenal. They also help take down enemy forts and vehicles. Lastly we can take them by surprise.
It did affect the
environment, so it
comes at a cost
They make building implosions
When you use a wreaking ball pieces could go flying and crash into other buildings and cars. If you use explosives it will come down quicker and safer.
Explosives make military easier
As the explosives
go off the smoke
affects the atmosphere.
It also affects people

When people are mining they use explosives
to make the mine deeper and to gain more materials. It helps make their job easier because it gets it finished faster.
Also it makes caves
Although it helps in mining,
it can also cause the mine
to collapse which could kill miners or ruin the
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