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Verb Tense PPT

No description

Peter Li

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Verb Tense PPT

There are totally 12 tenses. We can split it up into 3 parts. Present tense Past Tense Future Tense Verb Tense Present Tense The bell rings. The bell always rings when the class is begin or over. Present Progressive Tense The phone is ringing. The bell is ringing in one minute so you can start packing up. Present Perfect Tense The bell has rung. The bell has rung five times since 12'o clock. Present Perfect Progressive Tense He has been ringing me. He has been ringing me up all morning. Past Tense The telephone rang. I was about to go to bed when the telephone rang. Past Progressive Tense The phone was ringing. As I entered my room, my phone was ringing. Past Perfect Tense He had rung me. He told me that my brother had rung me twice this morning. Past Perfect Progressive Tense The telephone had been ringing. The telephone had been ringing for three minutes before somebody answered it. Future Tense I will ring you. I will ring you up as soon as I get there. Future Progressive Tense The bell will be ringing. The bell will be ringing in three minutes. Future Perfect Tense The bell will have rung. The bell will have rung when you come here. Future Perfect Progressive Tense The bell will have been ringing. The phone will have been ringing for a minute by the time you came in. By: Peter Li THE END The word I'm going to use: ring He is going to ring you. He is going to ring you tonight.
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