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The Batman Trilogy

No description

katelyn jones

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Batman Trilogy


Batman The Dark Knight Rises
Character archetypes:
Batman: Hero as a warrior
Romantic/Gothic Hero
Apocalyptic Hero

John (Robin): Anti-hero
The Initiates

Catwoman: Heroine

Lucius: Mentor

Miranda Tate: The Temptress or Black Goddess

Bane: Villain

Situational Archetypes
The Quest: Batman must accomplish saving Gotham before the time on the bomb runs out. In order to complete his mission, he must transport the bomb and drop it in the ocean, with his batmobile. This quest will restore the troubled land of Gotham.
Symbolic Archetypes
Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity: Batman symbolizes wisdom throughout the film. He is loyal to the city of Gotham and he shows his wisdom by defeating villains that no one else could defeat on their own.
Overall Archetype List
Batman the dark knight rises is based on Batman taking the fall for Harvey Dent's murder in the previous movie, The Dark Knight. The town of Gotham thought that they were done dealing with villains after Batman defeated the Joker and Harvey Dent. Unfortunately, they were wrong. A new evil Force, Bane, arrived to Gotham in an attempt to take over the city. During Bane's invasion, Bruce Wayne has become nearly reclusive and he rarely leaves his new estate. Bruce(Batman) was forced to come out of retirement in order to save the town of Gotham once again. Batman has a few allies that help him stop Bane and the other mystery villain that is not revealed until the end of the movie. Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is an action-packed film that has many different archetypes.
Batman is an overlapped hero archetype. He is a superhero that faces apocalyptic events.
For example, the town of Gotham was
nearly destroyed by Bane, until Batman
and his many allies defeated Bane and the devious, Miranda Tate. While his love for the proceeded, Rachel, motivates him to proceed as a warrior.
John is considered an anti-hero and an Initiate because he is a young hero that lacks the visible qualities of a typical hero.
He is a Gotham police officer
and is considered a town hero.
In the Dark Knight Rises,
John identifies himself as Robin,
but he has yet to prove that
he is also a superhero in the making.
Catwoman is a heroine because
she is a female hero that helps
Batman save Gotham.
Lucius Fox is the supplier of all of Batman's equipment. Including,
the batmobile and his armor suit.
Lucius helps Batman with anything that he needs. This makes Lucius the Mentor archetype.
Miranda Tate is the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. However, we do not discover
that she is evil until the end
of the film when she betrays
Batman. Miranda is considered The Temptress or Black Goddess because Batman is attracted to her and she brings about his downfall.
Bane attempts to destroy
Gotham and all of it's
people, which makes
him a villain or an evil hero.
The task: As mentioned before, Batman had to move the bomb away from the town. Not only did he have to transport the device, but he also had to defeat Bane and Miranda. James Gordon helped Batman defeat Miranda Tate. While, Catwoman helped, along with the Gotham City Police Department.
Battle between good and evil: The battle was between Batman and Bane. Batman had to prove to the town that he was a hero. In order to save them, he had to make several risks. One of those risks were being captured by Bane. Batman fought Bane and removed the bomb from the city. In this scenario, good triumphs evil.
The Magic Weapon: Batman uses the batmobile to complete his quest to ruin Bane's plan.
The Crossroads: James Gordon had to find the bomb and attempt to deactivate it or add more time to the ticking timer. Batman made a last minute decision to capture the bomb with his batmobile and release it into the ocean.
Hero as a Warrior
Romantic/ Gothic Hero
Apocalyptic hero
The Initiates
The Temptress or Black Goddess
The Quest
The Task
Battle Between Good and Evil
Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity
The Magic Weapon
The Crossroads
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